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What fun you can have with a seascape and the are easy. Just take your time. You can repeat the painting using different colours, maybe red as your main colour, instead blue, or maybe change the rock colour, its your creativity. To give a nice edge to your painting, stick some 1" masking tape around the edge of the canvas board and when you have completed the picture, take it off and it will leave a nice edge to your painting.

Traditional Art | Views: 2531 | Author: Frank Clarke | Added by: Oldschool | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (1)

This lesson is a multi-coloured landscape. It is a simple composition but allows us to use plenty of colour and the Have Some More Fun system.

Traditional Art | Views: 1559 | Author: Frank Clarke | Added by: Oldschool | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (0)

Getting the best out of the sun. Break away from the in-camera flash. A bit of Physics for those who feel the need. What you need and what to watch out for. For perfectionists. A few tips for the budding wildlife photographer. Lighting and perspective..

Photo Art | Views: 803 | Author: geofflawrence | Added by: Admin | Date: 05.03.2009

An introduction to composition, explaining the 'rule of thirds' and the use of diagonals.
How to fill your frame with your subject. Another important aspect of composition.
An explanation of the mechanics of exposure and the side effects of choosing different aperture/shutter speed combinations.

Photo Art | Views: 852 | Author: geofflawrence | Added by: Admin | Date: 05.03.2009

The release of RenderMan for Maya (RfM) marks the fi rst time this powerful, production-hardened rendering technology has been made accessible to the wider Maya user base. RfM couples the power, speed and stability of Pixar’s production renderer with the familiar workfl ow of shading in Maya’s Hypershade.

3D Digital Art | Views: 1055 | Author: Scott Eaton | Added by: Venguard | Date: 05.03.2009 | Comments (0)

Getting under the skin of an animal will help you to better express form and posture, and enable you to realise more accurate renders BY SCOTT EATON Anatomical perfection. very character and concept artist should study anatomy. Why? Because without a sound knowledge of anatomy, your creations will lack credibility. And if you are working in a creature pipeline, an understanding of the fundamentals is absolutely essential.

Traditional Art | Views: 922 | Author: Scott Eaton | Added by: Venguard | Date: 05.03.2009 | Comments (1)

From this point forward, consider yourself a sculptor, not simply a CG modeller. As with the old masters, familiarising yourself with your tools is only half the job. The other half consists of the never-ending process of developing your artistic skill – which is where anatomical study comes in.

3D Digital Art | Views: 752 | Author: Scott Eaton | Added by: Venguard | Date: 05.03.2009 | Comments (1)

You've never carved a plaster sculpture before? Well, you'd be in the company of these first level students, most non-art experienced, who found it a completely absorbing, surprising, and very satisfactory 1st time sculpture adventure.

Sculpture | Views: 5361 | Author: mmwindowtoart | Added by: Verdict | Date: 04.03.2009 | Comments (0)

3D Modeling/Texturing tutorial: The Making of the "DMF - 239 Coyote" Missile

First of all here is a small introduction. I was briefed to build an aircraft-launchable missile, but this missile was special in that it had DMF capability (Dual Missile Fire). So this meant that I had to conceptualise a missile that could contain two smaller missiles inside itself, so that the mini-missiles could be fired off during flight.

3D Digital Art | Views: 1261 | Author: Rory Woodford | Added by: Verdict | Date: 04.03.2009 | Comments (0)

Character 3D Modeling, Texture and UV mapping in 3DSMax tutorial

This tutorial won't give you a lot of technical support but it will give you the idea how i did it. I believe that it will help many new people to character creation
maybe this technics are not right but i found them by myself when i was fooling around with animations.
This technics doesn't need to be pass on to the generations....

3D Digital Art | Views: 3371 | Author: Cemre Ozkurt | Added by: Verdict | Date: 04.03.2009 | Comments (0)

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