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FAQ [ New question ]

1) Please optimize your image file size to < 250 kb before uploading! Then go to the Art Gallery and press [ Upload new artwork ]. Choose category, choose image file on your computer.
2) You can add printed or audio description/soundtrack, but not together! If you chose audio description/soundtrack - add only direct link to mp3 file in to description part, without any other text or codes. LivePlayer will use link automaticly. Example link:
3) After uploading you can markperson or object on the image by click . Just drag and drop frame on the image and add name, title, comment or link.

1) First, make screenshot from best frame of your video, upload it for preview image (< 250 kb). Then go to the Video Gallery and press [ Upload new artwork ]. Choose category "Video Art", choose image file on your computer and fill in all  forms.
2) Add HTML link of your video on Youtube or any other sites to description part. Press the "Add" button.

Please optymize your sound file to < 15000 kb before uploading! Then go to the Music Gallery and press [ Upload new file ]. Choose category, choose sound file on your computer and fill in all  forms. You can add links on large files or stream songs/videos in to description part. Press tne "Add" button.

You can post your Job offers, orders, portfolios, events and concerts annoncements, advertisings to the Advertising Board.

 You can upload any of your creations, and then, all users can rate it, but only 4 highest rated artworks from every categories will be available at the main Fron tpage page. If your artwork are highest rated and displayed at the main Fron tpage page, please take AWARD and add it on your website, blog, portfolio and if possible then please link it back to our site:

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