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Bill Alexander spent years developing and refining his special oil painting technique to make it possible for ANYONE to create a painting in one sitting and maintain a smile the whole time. The Alexander Wet-On-Wet Technique has revolutionized the art of oil painting for the ordinary person. Bill once wrote, I love the world, so I paint the world. With each painting you will learn something about the art of creating mountains or trees or flowers. But I hope you will learn something else, too.

Traditional Art | Views: 7554 | Author: Frank Clarke | Added by: Oldschool | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (2)

What fun you can have with a seascape and the are easy. Just take your time. You can repeat the painting using different colours, maybe red as your main colour, instead blue, or maybe change the rock colour, its your creativity. To give a nice edge to your painting, stick some 1" masking tape around the edge of the canvas board and when you have completed the picture, take it off and it will leave a nice edge to your painting.

Traditional Art | Views: 2529 | Author: Frank Clarke | Added by: Oldschool | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (1)

This lesson is a multi-coloured landscape. It is a simple composition but allows us to use plenty of colour and the Have Some More Fun system.

Traditional Art | Views: 1559 | Author: Frank Clarke | Added by: Oldschool | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (0)

Getting under the skin of an animal will help you to better express form and posture, and enable you to realise more accurate renders BY SCOTT EATON Anatomical perfection. very character and concept artist should study anatomy. Why? Because without a sound knowledge of anatomy, your creations will lack credibility. And if you are working in a creature pipeline, an understanding of the fundamentals is absolutely essential.

Traditional Art | Views: 921 | Author: Scott Eaton | Added by: Venguard | Date: 05.03.2009 | Comments (1)

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