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Forum » Art Discussion
Art Discussion
General Discussion
All discussion about art, photo and design
Forum moderator: Admin
158 103 Tuesday, 18.01.2011, 18:56
Thread: The Language of Art and Music
Posted by: ICDPress
3D Digital Art
All discussion about 3d modeling, texturing, render and animation.
Forum moderator: Admin
46 77 Wednesday, 05.05.2010, 02:57
Thread: Create a Game Model
Posted by: nicknite86
2D Digital Art
All discussions about drawings, paintings, design.
Forum moderator: Admin
14 20 Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:26
Thread: 3d painting in cs4 quetsion
Posted by: suz
All discussions about photography, photo manipulation, matte painting
Forum moderator: frouzy
6 12 Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:51
Thread: Nikon or Canon ?
Posted by: Tempus
Video & Animation & Cinema
All discussions about animation, movie, video, FX, postproductiom
Forum moderator: frouzy
7 6 Friday, 22.01.2010, 14:54
Thread: New Jess Franco's movie ...
Posted by: Paula-Paula
Traditional Art
All discussions about sculpting, wood engraving, metal, loam processing.
Forum moderator: Admin
13 19 Sunday, 21.02.2010, 16:54
Thread: Painting with Bitumen - reac...
Posted by: laisk
Experimental Art
All discussions about other, experimental art.
Forum moderator: Admin, frouzy
2 1 Friday, 22.01.2010, 14:55
Thread: An Audiovisual Experience by...
Posted by: Paula-Paula
Graphical, Logos, architectural, polygraphy design
Forum moderator: Admin, frouzy
3 3 Friday, 20.08.2010, 13:15
Thread: I need a tattoo design pleas...
Posted by: steve
Handmade Folk Art
Handmade folk wood engraving, embroidery, other handmade fine art..
Forum moderator: Admin
3 6 Wednesday, 10.02.2010, 09:47
Thread: Real fine INSPIRATON (Real f...
Posted by: SharingFilesFree
Marble, metal, wood, sand, ice sculptures..
Forum moderator: Admin
2 2 Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:20
Thread: Rapid prototype for lost wax...
Posted by: icreate
Scale modeling
Cars, aircrafts, military, trains, ships, dioramas, miniatures..
Forum moderator: Admin
1 1 Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:23
Thread: How I Build Dioramas in 1/16
Posted by: JohnReid
Game development
PC, PDA, Mobile Game creating, Level design
5 5 Tuesday, 13.04.2010, 19:09
Thread: Game Design in the Real World
Posted by: nicknite86
Dreation logos, design web pages and advertising design
5 8 Tuesday, 07.12.2010, 21:48
Thread: design of my site
Posted by: veseliy_roger

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