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Forum » Art Discussion » Scale modeling » How I Build Dioramas in 1/16
How I Build Dioramas in 1/16
JohnReid Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:23 | Message # 1

Hi guys! I am new to this forum but not to modeling.I have had a 1/16th diorama project underway for almost 5 years now.I am doing a series of 3 dioramas for the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa of which the Jenny Canuck is the latest.I am almost finished this project and hope to have it at the museum this Fall.
I have other dioramas in the works ,more on that later.Cheers! John.
JohnReid Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:23 | Message # 2

Making Barnsiding or antique flooring. These are the steps that I follow when making old barn siding or weathered flooring.
-starting with a doctors tongue depressor which I believe is birchwood,I cut the ends off square.
-now taking the raw wood, paint on two thin coat of acrylic nimbus grey mixed with a bit of raw umber,letting the grain of the underlying wood show through.If the wood warps too much you can use some weights .
-taking a large needle poke holes in the board in a pattern you require.
-take a HB pencil and twist a little graphite into each hole.
-fill each holes with a small drop of very watery raw umber to swell the wood back level again.
-take an old toothbrush and flick on some of the watery raw umber.
-put a small drop of watery burnt sienna for the rusty nail look.Drag a little of the burnt sienna down the board ,here and there for effect.
-the second picture shows how pastels can be used to soften down the whole thing.
Forum » Art Discussion » Scale modeling » How I Build Dioramas in 1/16
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