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Forum » Art Discussion » Photography » Nikon or Canon ?
Nikon or Canon ?
BmDu Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:49 | Message # 1

My fiance is wanting to get into photography with me... She has been shooting with my D80 for a little while. Anyways we're going to get her a camera within the next week or 2. A friend of mine is a photographer, with LOADS of equipment. He has agreed to trade one of his cameras for some tattoo work. I am giving him a full sleeve tattoo ( Value of about 1800$ ). He has 3 cameras which he said I could choose from...

A nikon d60.... Nikon D80... and Canon 50D

Now, I know the perks of her having a nikon ( we would be able to use eachothers lenses etc )... But I was thinking about getting her the Canon just so I could try it out and see how I like it...

Are there any points that make some DSLR Nikons and DSLR Canons better than the other? Lets say the D80 and the 50D... Is there alot of difference in picture quality?

Please dont let this turn into an argument, I know the whole " Canon vs nikon" debate thing can get heated between the loyal users lol.... This is just me asking a serious question so I can figure out what to do..

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help..

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:49 | Message # 2

How serious are you with this girl friend? I have seen relationships and lives ruined over the debate of whose brand is better……

In all truth the D80 would be a good choice, just because you can trade accessories. When one of you gets something new you can both use it. They will both work just fine and at least you will not have to carry 2 battery chargers, 2 of each lens and any specific accessories you need.

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:50 | Message # 3

I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Personally, I'm more of a Nikon person but Canons have a better choice of cheaper (and good) lenses. I am not 100% sure but I think this Nikon has a 5 frame bracketing mode and Canon can only get 3. This would be a huge bonus to me. Another reason to get a Nikon is that it feels more like a camera in your hands. Canon feels a bit like a big plastic box. Go to a camera store and pick them up and hold them in your hands and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:50 | Message # 4

These are all vastly different cameras. The D60 is an entry level camera with minimal fringe features, the D80 is a "prosumer" camera and the 50D is a high-end semi-pro camera.

But besides that, we've all missed a big point here: Matt, you're getting ripped off. For $1,800, you're friend is getting a steal-of-a-deal even if he gives you the 50D, which is only valued at $1000. Add a couple of good lenses and you have a fair trade.

If you go for the D60 or D80 (both around $600 by now), you should get a very nice collection of lenses and accessories for the $1,800 total.

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:50 | Message # 5

I'd hold off on this deal. Looks like you're getting the short end.

A new 50D costs around a grand brand new and can be found for less. Especially used. The 50D is better than the two Nikons listed.

You might ask for the D80 and the 50D if you're giving him nearly 2 grand worth of ink. Or ask for some (good) lenses to go with the 50D.

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:51 | Message # 6

I think you guys are confused about tattoo's. It isn't necessarily the ink that is worth $1800, it is his time that he's going to have to put into the tattoo and his services that is expensive. A good tattoo, especially a whole sleeve, takes a little bit.

@OP: How much do you think the ink itself will cost?

Other than that it's like he is doing work for the camera..

Cannon 50d (or whatever camera) - cost of the ink = X
X / estimated hours to finish sleeve = Exactly what you're getting out of this.

That would give you a better idea of whether or not it's worth it. If you think you could make better money just tattooing someone, then you might be better off doing a sleeve and pocketing the money to buy a camera. From what I understand since I have a few friends who are tattoo artists... Sleeves AREN"T cheap and you might be better off just doing a legit sleeve for someone and buying the camera of choice off ebay.

Tempus Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:51 | Message # 7

I only buy either from reputable dealers (Adorama / B&H) or I will buy something I can see first hand before buying. I've been screwed too many times by eBay to give any serious consideration to what "deals" I might find there.

The OP might have to discount his services a little, but at $2k for a new 50D with a 28-135mm kit lens, if that's what this guy is offering for trade, he won't have to discount his services too much.

Let's pretend he wants to do the trade, the 50D is by far the best camera of the group and the most valuable. That's the point I believe.

Forum » Art Discussion » Photography » Nikon or Canon ?
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