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For years now, ZBrush users have been begging and pleading for an upgrade, but kudos to the Pixologic team for holding their ground and not releasing a new version until the features were something to sing about. Well, it has finally arrived and it was worth the wait. ZBrush 3.1 is stronger and more innovative than ever.

From simple user requested improvements such as the ability to load custom brush presets to major new developments like MATCAP and the inclusion of ZMapper and the Displacement Exporter, the new version of ZBrush extends the revolutionary nature of the product even more.

ZBrush is a revolutionary software package that enables digital artists to enhance images and objects using a set of unique brushes and sculpting tools. ZBrush includes several brushes that actually let you paint in 3D space by pulling the brush strokes aw ... Read more »

Category: Software reviews | Views: 1438 | Added by: Kelly | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (2)

NewTek's LightWave 3D isn't the most popular 3d package. It also isn't the most expensive or the cheapest 3d package available, but it does have an incredibly loyal group of users. This raises the question, what is it about this package that makes it stand out from other packages? The answer is surprisingly simple. First, LightWave has all the features and tools that you need and second, they are designed and implemented in a way that makes the software incredibly easy to use. The combination of powerful software that is simple to use makes it the 3d package of choice for many users.

The LightWave Interface
3d packages are complex and they are getting even more complex with each new release, which can make it particularly tough on a user interface designer to include controls for all the new features to an already busy interface. Lig ... Read more »

Category: Software reviews | Views: 1105 | Added by: Kelly | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (0)

Softimage XSI has an amazing heritage. Softimage has been a staple in high-end computer graphics (CG) studios since the early '90s, giving the software a level of experience and breadth that few other 3d packages have. For many years, Softimage has been comfortable to lead the high-end animation market with few other competitors. Among all the 3d software offerings it was quite expensive, but yielded amazing results that were worth the high cost. Because of the high price tag, Softimage was mainly used for film work.

Softimage, the company, was bought and sold several times over the last 10 years, even being part of Microsoft for awhile. Today, it is owned by Avid, who produces broadcast quality video editing tools and solutions. Avid sees Softimage as a critical piece of the video editing pipeline that they support and has been putting a l ... Read more »

Category: Software reviews | Views: 1522 | Added by: Kelly | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (1)


Autodesk recently released Maya 2009, which is marked as the 10th Anniversary Edition. With all the company and management changes, it is hard to believe that Maya has reached its tenth version, but its continuing development is a testament of its benefit. If you look at all the advances that have happened to the software over those 10 years, it is quite remarkable.

The 2009 version, like all the previous new releases, includes an impressive array of new features that make the software more productive than ever. Some of these changes are simple new improvements such as the Preserver UV option that end up being huge time-savers and others are radical new approaches, like the multi-object selection mode that will speed up performance every time you use Maya.

New Modeling and UV Features

On the modeling side, Maya 2009 includes a new glob ... Read more »

Category: Software reviews | Views: 1505 | Added by: Kelly | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (3)

Anyway, they recently released the newest addition to its 3D arsenal, 3ds Max 2009. This revision is a quick release from its now older sibling 3ds Max 2008, which just came out only six months ago. Like all applications that are getting on in years, it becomes harder and harder to "wow" most hardcore 3D artists. I'll admit that having the tools run faster is awesome, and adding workflow improvements is great... but, like many others, I want a biggie. Secretly (or not so secretly), I'm still waiting for the day when Autodesk announces that Maya and Max will be one... or even that Mudbox is just a standard modifier in 3ds Max. Wouldn't that be awesome?! No more fighting with co-workers about which is better, Max or Maya. No more needing to learn a different application when you go to get a new job somewhere else. Just use the easy interface and gre ... Read more »
Category: Software reviews | Views: 1030 | Added by: Ryan | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Ryan Church is something of a celebrity in the world of digital art. As a senior art director, at ILM, and someone who’s responsible for some of the most stunning Painter concept art ever seen (check out his website –, no wonder Gnomon wanted him to share his techniques with the world. And it’s a good job Gnomon asked him.

This DVD is different to the normal kind of ‘show and tell’ affair. The training is about more than just his techniques – it’s about the process and thought. Ryan is not reluctant to reveal his methods and there is a casual air to the whole DVD, as if Gnomon has just plonked him in a room and said “get on with it.” And this is what makes the title so refreshing.

While going into detail on sketching, painting backgrounds, adding detail and other essential concept art techniques, Ryan delivers essential snippets of advi ... Read more »

Category: Resourses reviews | Views: 865 | Added by: G-Shock | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

With Superman set to flex his pecs on the big screen this year, here’s a timely look at a 1950s incarnation.

For older fans, George Reeves is still the iconic Superman. All 26 episodes of season 1 are here and generally considered to be the best. Reeves plays Supe and Clark Kent without any of that otherwordly nonsense that crept into later films. There’s enough derring-do in the imaginative scripts to overcome any occasional clunkiness and the package also gives you a documentary, commentaries and a short earlier Reeves film.

Considering the price, some of the DVD transfers don’t look their best and the special features are sparse, but in terms of inventiveness and popularity, Superman was the Buffy of its time. If you can ignore the camp factor inherent with old telly, this is a rewarding escape into fantasy.

Distributor Warner Home Video

Reviev ... Read more »

Category: Resourses reviews | Views: 781 | Added by: G-Shock | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Painter, for the beginner or those new to a digital workflow, can be a daunting prospect. This is mainly due to its vast feature set – tons of brushes, a zillion palettes and some quite essential tools hidden away in menus. Painter IX, as you’ll know if you read our review last issue, is the standard as far as digital art tools go. And if you’re serious about digital painting, you need to learn this tool like the back of your hand.
The double-CD set (not a DVD) contains 11 hours of tuition, so it’s good value in terms of minute per pound or dollar. And it’s neatly organised. There are 14 chapters, each divided into different disciplines within Painter, such as painting, sketching and working with layers.

The package goes from absolute basics (opening a file, saving) to some detailed explanations of preferences and how to customise Painter. The tuition is s ... Read more »

Category: Books reviews | Views: 870 | Added by: G-Shock | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Infernum: The Art of Jason Engle. A collection of amazing fantasy work from one of the world's finest.
Since co-founding Innovative Studios at just 19, Jason has risen to become one of the world’s most respected fantasy artists. This showcase does his work justice. The artist’s portrayals of mythical beasts, dragons and warriors shine through in all their painterly glory. It includes some insightful explanations. It could do with more behind-the-scenes and technique stuff, but it’s still a solid collection.


Category: Books reviews | Views: 1125 | Added by: G-Shock | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Digital Sci-Fi Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stunning, Futuristic Images, by Michael Burns, a Trade PB from Collins Design
Step-by-step guide to popular techniques gives instruction from top artists on how to create such phenomena as motion blur and atmosphere, and build objects such as futuristic weapons and vehicles. It’s a little disjointed in places but is brimming with ideas, has a well presented gallery, useful links and a logical, easy-to-follow manner.


Category: Books reviews | Views: 1286 | Added by: G-Shock | Date: 28.02.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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