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Yes, it's true; this is my grandson Omar in 2555 AD, not an alien. How I wished it is not my grandson.
I don't want him to look like this, I wish I could have given my grandchildren a better future than this gloomy future doomed with technology concepts,
lacking humanity and spirituality; I wish he will not curse me for what I've brought on him and his ancestors .
I do not know if it is me or our human nature that makes us obsessed with chasing what is new. Our greedy instincts could be the reason behind
the extinction of humanity.
My rising from death was the initiation of my dream of a present, dark with the unknown intentions of the futu ... Read more »
Category: Articles | Views: 2573 | Added by: Yousef | Date: 30.01.2009 | Rating: 5.0/3 | Comments (2)

The following is a Research Paper I wrote for an English class during Winter Quarter of this past School year. The pictures are unfortunatly not included but are not completely needed. You should be able to find most of the pictures by looking up both artists.

Two of the most prolific artists alive today are H.R. Giger and Alex Grey. Both artists excelled without formal training in art, creating works that arise from innate personal visions that revel foremost in the creative act itself. Giger and Grey share the main skill of a visionary artist: the ability to listen to the inner voices of the soul and to create expressive works from what they hear, though what they create may not even be thought of as 'art' by the creator (AVAM).

Gig ... Read more »

Category: Articles | Views: 2073 | Added by: Nicolas | Date: 01.03.2009 | Rating: 4.5/4 | Comments (2)

Salvador Dali is considered as the greatest artist of the surrealist art movement and one of the greatest masters of art of the twentieth century. During his lifetime the public got a picture of an bizarre paranoid. His personality caused a lot of controversy. After his death in 1989 his name remained in the headlines. But this time it was not funny at all. The art market was shaken by reports of great numbers of fraudulent Dali prints. What's all behind it?

For copyright reasons we cannot show you artworks by Salvador Dali on this page. Instead we decorated the article with woodblock prints by contemporary artist Tadashi Osaka, born 1937. One image shows Cadaques in Spain, where Dali had bought a fisherman's house and lived and worked with his wife Gala for a long time. If you are interested in buying art prints by this exceptional Japanese artist, please con ... Read more »

Category: Articles | Views: 7458 | Added by: Nicolas | Date: 01.03.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (1)

Vincent Van Gogh , 1853-90, postimpressionist painter, b. the Netherlands. Van Gogh's works are perhaps better known generally than those of any other painter. His brief, turbulent, and tragic life is thought to epitomize the mad genius legend.

During his lifetime, Van Gogh's work was represented in two very small exhibitions and two larger ones. Only one of Van Gogh's paintings was sold while he lived. The great majority of the works by which he is remembered were produced in 29 months of frenzied activity and intermittent bouts with epileptoid seizures and profound despair that finally ended in suicide. In his grim struggle Vincent had one constant ally and support, his younge ... Read more »

Category: Articles | Views: 1612 | Added by: Nicolas | Date: 01.03.2009 | Rating: 4.5/2 | Comments (0)


pôl gōgăNˈ, 1848–1903, French painter and woodcut artist, b. Paris; son of a journalist and a French-Peruvian mother.

Early Life

Gauguin was first a sailor, then a successful stockbroker in Paris. In 1874 he began to paint on weekends. By the age of 35, with the encouragement of Camille Pissarro, he devoted himself completely to his art, having given up his position and separated (1885) from his wife and five children. Allying himself with the Impressionists, he exhibited with them from 1879 to 1886. The next year he sailed for Panama and Martinique. In protest against the "dise ... Read more »

Category: Articles | Views: 1903 | Added by: Nicolas | Date: 01.03.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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