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Review: Artist Watercolor Paper, Albums and Books

Artists select fine watercolor papers by finish and by weight. Manufacturers generally sell three or more finishes, usually labeled Rough, Cold Press, and Hot Press.

For transparent watercolors, most artists prefer a Rough or Cold Press finish. A smoother finish, such as Hot Press, is desirable for opaque watercolors, and for printmaking and drawing.

Artist Watercolor Papers
◦Acquerello Portofino Watercolor Sheets
◦Acquerello Watercolor Sheets
◦Arches Bright White Watercolor Paper
◦Arches Watercolor Paper
◦Bockingford Tinted Paper
◦Canson 100 Watercolor Paper
◦Fabriano Artistico Extra White Watercolor Paper
◦Fabriano Artistico Traditional White Watercolor Paper
◦Fabriano Esportazione
◦Fabriano Original Artistico Extra White Watercolor Paper
◦Fabriano Original Artistico Traditional White Watercolor Paper
◦India Watercolor Paper
◦Lanaquarelle Watercolor Paper
◦Multimedia/Aquarelle Paper
◦Saunders Waterford
◦Stephen Quiller Watercolor Sheets
◦Strathmore Aquarius II Watercolor Paper
◦Strathmore Aquarius II Watercolor Paper Pads
◦NEW! Strathmore Gemini Watercolor Paper
◦Strathmore Imperial 500 Series Watercolor Paper
◦Twinrocker Handmade Watercolor Paper
◦Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolor Paper
◦Yupo Watercolor Paper

A paper's weight is the weight, measured in pounds, of one ream, approximately 500 Imperial Sheets (22" × 30"). A light paper typically has a weight of about 90 lb, while a heavyweight paper may be 300 lb or greater.

Because of the complexity of this traditional English system for weighing paper, the watercolor world is embracing a metric alternative, grams per square meter (gsm). A standard 140 lb watercolor papers has a metric weight of approximately 300 gsm.

The traditional sheet size since pre-industrial times has been the 22" × 30" Imperial Sheet and its 15" × 22" half sheet. Even in a metric world, the A0/B0 standard and other metric sheet sizes have made little headway.

Student Watercolor Papers

◦Bienfang Aquademic Watercolor Paper
◦Bienfang Student Watercolor Paper
◦Blick Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper
◦Blick Student Watercolor Paper
◦Blick Studio Watercolor Paper by Fabriano
◦NEW! Blick Watercolor Paper
◦Canson 1059 Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Biggie Watercolor Bulk Packs
◦Canson Lightweight Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Montval Tradition Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Montval Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Montval Watercolor Paper Packs
◦Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper
◦Strathmore 300 Series Student Watercolor Paper
◦Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper

Student grade watercolor papers are designed to have a texture and feel similar to artist grade papers, but they are not made of archival grade materials. Although they are acid buffered, the buffering will eventually be used up, depending on air quality, and the paper will begin to discolor and deteriorate.

Use a student grade paper for practice work, but not for a work that is for sale.

Watercolor Albums and Books

◦Holbein Clester Watercolor Sketch Books
◦Holbein/Strathmore Imperial Watercolor Books
◦Lama Li Artist Watercolor Books
◦Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

Watercolor Blocks

◦Acquerello Portofino Watercolor Blocks
◦Acquerello Watercolor Blocks
◦Arches Watercolor Blocks
◦Canson 100 Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Montval Marine Watercolor Block
◦Canson Montval Watercolor Blocks
◦Fabriano Artistico Bright White Watercolor Block
◦Fabriano Artistico Traditional White Watercolor Block
◦Lanaquarelle Watercolor Blocks
◦Sennelier Watercolor Blocks
◦Stephen Quiller Watercolor Blocks
◦Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Blocks

Watercolor Cards

◦Canson Blank Greeting Cards
◦Holbein Mini Trip Postcards
◦Strathmore Blank Cards And Envelopes
◦Strathmore Watercolor Cards
◦Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Postcard Pad

Watercolor Panels

◦Ampersand Aquabord
◦Art Boards Cold Press Watercolor Panel
◦Crescent Premium Watercolor Board
◦Crescent Watercolor Board
◦Fredrix Archival Watercolor Canvas Boards
◦Reeves Watercolor Board

Watercolor Tape-Bound Pads

◦Acquerello Portofino Watercolor Pads
◦Acquerello Watercolor Pads
◦Arches Natural White Watercolor Pads
◦Fredrix Archival Watercolor Canvas Pads
◦Lanaquarelle Watercolor Pads
◦Strathmore Watercolor Sampler Pad
◦Yupo Watercolor Paper Pads
Acid Free/Buffered
◦Aquabee Watercolor Paper Pads
◦Bienfang Aquademic Watercolor Paper
◦Bienfang Student Watercolor Paper
◦Canson 1059 Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Biggie Junior Watercolor Pad
◦Canson Eric Carle Paint Pads
◦Canson Montval 200 Watercolor Pad
◦Canson Montval Watercolor Pads
◦Fabriano Studio Watercolor Pad
◦Strathmore 300 Series Tape Bound Watercolor Pads
◦Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper Pads
◦Strathmore Watercolor Paper Student Pad

Archival watercolor papers are made with a fiber source, such as 100% cotton rag, that will last for centuries without conservation. Acid-free papers, based on cellulose fiber, will evenutally yellow as their buffering is exhausted, depending on atmospheric conditions where they are stored and displayed. Although conservation is possible, their lifespan without conservation should be measured in decades, not centuries.

Wire-Bound Pads

◦Arches Aquarelle Travel Album
◦Arches Field Watercolor Book
◦Cachet Watercolor Sketchbooks
◦Canson Lightweight Watercolor Paper
◦Canson Montval Field Watercolor Book
◦Fabriano Artistico Bright White Watercolor Pad
◦Fabriano Artistico Traditional White Watercolor Pad
◦Fabriano Studio Watercolor Spiral Pad
◦Fabriano Torchon Watercolor Pads
◦Sennelier Watercolor Pads
◦Strathmore 300 Series Student Watercolor Pads
◦Strathmore 400 Series Field Watercolor Sketch Book
◦Strathmore Aquarius II Watercolor Paper
◦Strathmore Wet Media Pads
◦Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Pads

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