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Exclusive interview with Adrian Chan

Art Liberty: Hello, Adrian! Tell us a little about yourself, where you got education?
Adrian Chan: I'm originally from Hong Kong and have been working in the film industry since 2005.  Upon graduating from the art institute, I began working in a small visual effect boutique in Vancouver, Canada as a 3d generalist on various television series. In the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to move to London, UK to work at MPC. It was a memorable experience and I am very  grateful to be able to work on projects such as, Harry Potter and Narnia during my time there.  After leaving London I moved back to Vancouver to work on an animated feature and later to New Zealand working at Weta on their upcoming projects.

Art Liberty: How and when have you started to be engaged in art?
Adrian Chan: I have always love drawing as far as I can remember, from doodling on napkins at restaurant as a kid to sculpting digitally now, art has always been apart of what I do regularly.

Art Liberty: What subjects do you prefer: fantastic, fantasy, horror, cyberpunk..?
Adrian Chan: Fantasy and historic related subjects.

Art Liberty: Was it difficult for you to find your style?
Adrian Chan: I don't have a particular style (I wish I do).  I am still in search for it.

Art Liberty: Tell, what inspire you and how you realize arisen idea?
Adrian Chan: Mostly from magazines, books and regular observation in my surrounding.

Art Liberty: Who are your favorite artists?
Adrian Chan: Bernini and Rodin

Art Liberty: What is the most difficult and important at creation of your artworks?
Adrian Chan: In terms of 3D, it has to be the technical aspect and the limitation of the computer (especially when you are trying to work with a heavy scene)

Art Liberty: What is the average time for creation of one artwork?
Adrian Chan: As for personal work, it usually takes 1-2 weeks outside of work.

Art Liberty: What tools do you prefer: natural (pencils, brushes,  paper) or CG (tablet, mouse, graphic editor)?
Adrian Chan: My survival tools are pencils (2B), mouse, keyboard, and drawing tablet.  For most of my design work, I would sketch it out on paper before transferring my idea on to the computer.

Art Liberty: What software do you use?
Adrian Chan: The four main softwares are Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, and Mudbox.

Art Liberty: You work freelance or in any studio? Tell about your project/work place.
Adrian Chan: I am currently working full-time at Weta Digital in the modeling department.

Art Liberty: Do you have time for free creativity?
Adrian Chan: This is where my freelance graphic design comes in, one of the main reason for doing graphic related work is that I have more creative control in term of the final outcome; whereas, in film we tend to follow strictly to the director's vision.  They both have their cons and pros so finding the balance in them is important for me.

Art Liberty: Tell about your hobbies, what you do at leisure?
Adrian Chan: I try to get as much exercise as I can when I am not working and going on short trips to different places when I have longer holidays.

Art Liberty: Whom do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Adrian Chan: To continue to work on amazing projects and contribute to the art community through different mediums.

Art Liberty: What can you wish to beginners artists?
Adrian Chan: Work hard and enjoy what you do!

Art Liberty: We thank for interesting conversation, Adrian!
Administration of Art-Liberty wishes to you inexhaustible inspiration, successes in creativity and creative ideas, and with impatience we wait your new artworks in our gallery.

Article may NOT be reproduced anywhere else without our permission.

Copyright Kyrylo Bozhok "Art-Liberty" © 2009

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16.02.2009 Spam
cool Good job on another interview, Adrian, keep up the good work!

13.02.2009 Spam
Adrian, Go! Go! Go!!! biggrin

12.02.2009 Spam
Gerry (One)
Wow! you work on projects such as, Harry Potter and Narnia? how you find this job?

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