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Exclusive interview with Karan Shetty

Art Liberty: Hello, Karan! Tell us a little about yourself, where you got education?

Karan: My name is Karan Shetty,am 23yrs old,i am from Mumbai,India.Have always loved cartoons and animation,wanted to learn,so along with my graduation i studied 3d and graduated from MAAC with a Professional Diploma in 3D.I got a job at a studio in Mumbai Called PIXION as a modeler,was a great learning experience.I am a modeler and texture artist and specialize in characters modeling and digital sculpting..Have worked for over two years in production,currently working as a faculty teaching modeling and texturing

Art Liberty: How and when have you started to be engaged in art?

Karan: well always loved drawing and stuff since school days i guess,am kind of ok at it,ha ha ha ha and that's why i am happy i am doing something which is related to art and thats why i love this job because there is nothing better than this,and as far as 3d goes i have been working for almost 3 yrs now....still a long way to go

Art Liberty: What subjects do you prefer: fantastic, fantasy, horror, cyberpunk..?

Karan: I love all kinds of stuff,nothing in particular because each topic has its own style,if i love the concept then i want to model it,its as simple as that,be it fantasy or horror,everything is special and has its own appeal.

Art Liberty: Was it difficult for you to find your style?

Karan: there are so many great artists out there and all of them have thier own style,so its very important to have your own style which makes you unique,.........i haven't exactly found my style yet almost there though,but i do like creating models which have a blend of human and a stylized look,something different and interesting,especially Game characters,because they have so much of detail and uniqueness in terms of style and design.I do love collectibles like maquettes and busts,so hopefully in the near future i can get into creating such stuff on a regular basis even full time.

Art Liberty: Tell, what inspire you and how you realize arisen idea?

Karan: Inspiration for an artist is very important,its the driving force behind everything creative.What inspires me well........when i see these amazing artists online displaying their work its tough not to be inspired by them,and it makes me want to work and create more characters and improve my won skills and one of the main source of inspiration for me is the appreciation that my work gets from other artist,that give me more confidence.websites like CGTALK have really helped me grow as an artist

Art Liberty: Who are your favorite artists?

Karan: My favorite the list is too long,its tough to name a few ....but i will try
and it goes on,hopefully someday i can reach their level of awesomeness.

Art Liberty: What is the most difficult and important at creation of your artworks?

Karan: the most important hing for me is to be confident and also aware of what i have to create and also referencing is very important whenever i start on any project i try to put as much effort as i can into each project so that by the end of it i feel satisfied by the fact that i have worked hard on it and not left out anything because at the end of the day its all about job satisfaction.

Art Liberty: What is the average time for creation of one artwork?

Karan: the average time for creation of one artwork depends actually,anywhere from a day to a week,depending upon the amount of time i put into it

Art Liberty: What tools do you prefer: natural (pencils, brushes, paper) or CG (tablet, mouse, graphic editor)?

Karan: well i do use CG tools almost all the time,especially my WACOM,because i use zbrush most of the the time as it has become a very important part of my work flow,but i do sketch as well whenever i get the time to.

Art Liberty: What software do you use?

Karan: i use

Art Liberty: You work freelance or in any studio? Tell about your project/work place.

Karan: I also do freelance work but Currently i am working as a faculty at a training institute and i am teaching modeling and texturing.
THAKUR TOONSKOOL is the institute where i am teaching.its a BSc in animation course.Teaching is a good job because you have a chance to teach the students not only the software but also stuff about working in a production studio.its a great experience for me as well.

Art Liberty: Do you have time for free creativity?

Karan: time for free creativity is less these days because since i am teaching i have to prepare myself,but i always make sure i take out enough time in the day to work on my own stuff aswell.

Art Liberty: Tell about your hobbies, what you do at leisure?

Karan: Music is a very important part of my life,i listen to music almost all the time and even when i am working,spending time with the family,doing some photography,going on long rides on my bike and most important sleeping.

Art Liberty: Whom do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Karan: In 10yrs time..........well....if i am one of those artists whose work is appreciated and if people get inspired by my work then theres nothing more as an artist i can ask,and i will be happy and satisfied as long as i get to work and create more characters.

Art Liberty: What can you wish to beginners artists?

Karan: its very important to have fun with your work,enjoy whatever you are creating and always put maximum effort in everything that you do,enjoy your work and work hard.people usually learn more and are creaive when they are happy and enjoying work.a a happy artist is a good artist.

Art Liberty: We thank for interesting conversation, Karan!
Administration of Art-Liberty wishes to you inexhaustible inspiration, successes in creativity and creative ideas, and with impatience we wait your new artworks in our gallery.

Article may NOT be reproduced anywhere else without our permission.

Copyright Kyrylo Bozhok "Art-Liberty" © 2009

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Holy Diver (Bob)
Great works and intresting interview! I am new to 3D modeling. I would like to know the process of transfering it to computer and creating it.

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