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A CALL FOR HUMANITY - Very Futuristic Article by Yousef Ikhreis

Yes, it's true; this is my grandson Omar in 2555 AD, not an alien. How I wished it is not my grandson.
I don't want him to look like this, I wish I could have given my grandchildren a better future than this gloomy future doomed with technology concepts,
lacking humanity and spirituality; I wish he will not curse me for what I've brought on him and his ancestors .
I do not know if it is me or our human nature that makes us obsessed with chasing what is new. Our greedy instincts could be the reason behind
the extinction of humanity.
My rising from death was the initiation of my dream of a present, dark with the unknown intentions of the future.
I can't stop myself ponder of the future and what it will hinder for us.
I cannot stop myself from fearing our future and how it will be with its new dead concepts.
Following are simple flashes of my digital vision of the upcoming future, images and concepts that are just rational predictions of what could
happen.. Read more (PDF file 25Mb)

Autor: Yousef Ikhreis

Category: Articles | Views: 2443 | Added by: Yousef | Rating: 5.0/3 |
Total comments: 2
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