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Forum » Art Discussion » Photography » Different quality with same bad of pixels?!!
Different quality with same bad of pixels?!!
Ffirecracker Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:46 | Message # 1

Hi, I'm new on this board, I'm sorry I'm going straight to the question, will introduce myself tomorrow.. it's late here, past 1 AM.. so here it is. I have taken lots of pictures with my camera (Canon 8MP), that look great on the screen even zoomed in AND prints clearly too. However, I just received my wedding photos, and some of them are low file size but enough pixels, and others from a friend who also took pics, and have also enough pixels & big file size, yet both look awful on the screen when I zoom in to try to edit! I tried to print one out and (the smaller file size) and it looked even worse! Why is that? What determines the quality of the photo? These people btw have better cameras than me
silentfallen Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:46 | Message # 2

If i am not mistakes the file size can be affected by allot of things. But the main one i think you are looking at is the "Quality" output. The pixel dimensions can be the same in 2 different photos but the quality can be turned way down in one causing the lower file size. Like when you are saving something out of Photoshop as a jpg and theirs the Quality option.. if you turn that down it will make the file size smaller by removing what it thinks are "unneeded" pixels in the images lowering the viewing/print quality but it will remain at the same pixel dimensions.

Unless you are referring to the Raw images, then i do not believe what i have said applies.

This is how i understand it works. All tho i have been miss guided before.

Forum » Art Discussion » Photography » Different quality with same bad of pixels?!!
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