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Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » Photoshop or Illustrator (Children's Book)?
Photoshop or Illustrator (Children's Book)?
Abstract Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:13 | Message # 1

While not being entirely new to illustrator or photoshop, I've never done illustration of this sort before (I've mainly done abstract patterns for clothing).

A friend of mine proposed to me that I "digitalize" his drawings for a children's book. But I am not sure which program I should use to do this. So far I am thinking of doing this in illustrator and live tracing it and using the Live Paint Bucket. But I am thinking that illustrator may be too limited in doing things like the trees and such (which could be done easier on photoshop. I also wouldn't be sure on how to do shadows and such and making them blend (Mesh tool or Blend tool?).

Maybe I could use both?

Anyone have any pointers? I am really confused right now

Attached are some pictures of the illustration created by him.

Vanilla Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:14 | Message # 2

everytime you live trace a kitten has to die. sad but true.
technical side:
you know how big the picture will be in the end. so you dont need work with vectors at all.
artistic side:
is up to you which tool you want to use. what look fits better to the image?. id say if you want to keep it very clean use illustrator. if you want to make it a bit more realistic and give it more depth then your choice is photoshop.
Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » Photoshop or Illustrator (Children's Book)?
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