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Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » PS CS4 rotate view hotkey?
PS CS4 rotate view hotkey?
evanfotis Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:08 | Message # 1

...playing around in a newly installed CS4 suite.
Cannot seem to find a way to rotate the view through a hot key which would make it usable when painting/ drawing etc.
I am not talking about hitting the R or whatever key and then back to B for drawing but a modular one like a combination of space bar etc, similar to what Painter has for around a decade. Any ideas?
Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:08 | Message # 2

In Photoshop CS4 the shortcuts work in two ways:
-normal way, just press and it will switch to the tool
-temporary way, press and hold the key and it will switch to the rotate tool till you release the R key. Once released, it will switch back automatically to your previous tool (brush tool in your case)
evanfotis Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 19:08 | Message # 3

Thanks! that was it! Nice tip.
Now I have to get my I3 mapping working with CS4...
It just will not obey any mapping.
As I work on a dual monitor setup, and also have CS2 installed, I had CS2 pen mapped to display 2.
Since Cs4 OGL causes garbled images on my second monitor (and I'm not up to reinstalling new nvidia drivers as i'm in the middle of a bluray project) I tried to draw on monitor 1.
Set up mapping for cs4 there.
Would not work, automatically would throw the pen to second mon.
Deleted CS2 intuos settings. Now it uses full desktop with no proportions in PSCS4...(even though it is set to monitor 1 keep proportions)
Disabled OGL.
Now it works on mon 2, but there is no advantage over CS2..
Will look for new intuos drivers. Currently using 6.05-7.
Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » PS CS4 rotate view hotkey?
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