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Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » Matte painting automation tool?
Matte painting automation tool?
Rockhopp Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:55 | Message # 1

Just watch the video, I can see this coming our way soon for matte painting,
using a onset photographic archive, gleamed from production photos, and research you could come up with a rough plate to achieve a matte painting. You can even do it over the internet if you need a particular type of architecture.
This tool could be quite important to us as matte painters. Just by automating the process slightly.

When I get a chance to trial this I will let you know the results.

looking forward to what you guys think

Tomas Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:56 | Message # 2

I can see how this might be useful as a slightly more intuitive alternative to stock photography, where there is a bit more of a say as to what the composition is made up of.

Maybe for a graphic designer wanting a quick result for an idea.

Personally i don't see any potential for matte painting. I think only technical processes benefit from some automation, such as rigging for example, where there are plenty of rig builders available for an animator or modeller who isn't interested in a complex, custom solution for their character and just wants to animate.
I can't see how a highly artistic process such as painting could possibly benefit from being replicated by a script, even for an initial rough composite.

The key part for me is that i wouldn't trust an algorithm over my own eye to get better results for source material searching.

Forum » Art Discussion » 2D Digital Art » Matte painting automation tool?
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