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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » what is Subdivison Modelling ?
what is Subdivison Modelling ?
Bishop Date: Thursday, 05.02.2009, 22:44 | Message # 1
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Hi Everyone..... !!

I will start a thread that may interest a lot of u guys....subdivision modelling, this technique has a lot of tips & tricks of the trade, so maybe it starts a nice and neat discussion about this way of modelling things...

What is Subdivison Modelling ?

Subdivision is a way of modelling in wich u define a low resolution control cage wich is later subdivided by a smoothing algorithm based on, or similar to Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces


Subdivision Modeling is one of the most widely used and easiest to learn techniques for modeling organic 3d shapes.

The technique involves modeling a low poly control mesh and then applying a smoothing algorithm (such as 3dstudio Max's Meshsmooth or Lightwave's Meta- NURBS) to subdivide the polygons. The result is a smooth, dense, and organic looking mesh which can be edited interactively simply by making changes to the control mesh.


Tamas Varga's excellent sub-d page:

Sub-d modelling deity, Bay Raitt's site:
His sub-d forum - lots of good topology discussions etc here(if you are going to join, PLEASE read the rules or you will be thrown off.):

Wiro's site - excellent modeller & best box modelling head tut on the web imo:

Sub-d modeller Martin Krol's site (also some video tuts here):
Face modelling & setup by Martin:

Head edge loop layout tut for lightwave, (but everyone could apply it in their software):

Head topology discussion on cgtalk:

Free sub-d modelling package, wings 3d. More powerful than it looks:

Meshtools for max. The original & still the best. Max 5 incorporates a lot of the originals but there is still version 2.5 for max 5 that has some stuff that was missed. For max 4 it's absolutely necessary. The meshtools site is down at the moment but you can find the scripts here:

MJ polytools for maya & max:

CS polytools for max:

Animated gif - worth a look:

I hope u guys like it....... Enjoy


Admin Date: Thursday, 05.02.2009, 22:55 | Message # 2
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Thanks for the info. smile
Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » what is Subdivison Modelling ?
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