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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » Interactive animation in Macromedia Director
Interactive animation in Macromedia Director
Mark Date: Tuesday, 03.11.2009, 20:32 | Message # 1

Whole I need to do a simple animation, but so that she was interactive (for example, it could be to rotate the mouse). But I do not know the package floor can be done. (until I dug only guys buyout c Papervision 3d something similar to make, but once, long ago met a pretty good interactive 3d). 'll Show please. (here for example in Maya floor can be done? or done in Maya and then import it into another prog that can make this interactive?)
Here are some reason it seemed to me that Macromedia Director IU could help. (Anmatsiya needed for presentation)
Guest Date: Tuesday, 03.11.2009, 20:33 | Message # 2

What did not do in reality. And usually, if you type your question briefly in Yandex - he will return immediately to the mountain a lot of results ... Such as VRML, Cortona, FreeSpin, Sandy3D, Virtools, and other options ...
Guest Date: Tuesday, 03.11.2009, 20:34 | Message # 3

Take easy, man. I immediately thanked all colleagues and suggested a clear case on the sheer will to dig (although if you have done for me all the work it would be cool =)) means the job is ...=)))). The only pity for hobobobo no blagodaritelnoy buttons, Quest3D-steepness.
Duck Date: Tuesday, 03.11.2009, 20:34 | Message # 4

I dug and quite productive. It is necessary to solve several problems and modzhno muddy steep stuff:) Too bad no ednomyshlennikov in communication, hid them and keep silent in a rag. Sam dig deep and not always logical in terms of the program:) Well, since I do not know yet where the available channels. We have to fumble for gourmet sites and understand their grudging speech.
In principle, from the modeling software and animation, there is no problem, the problem in the construction of logic and interactivity can then be a chore to do with all those beautiful graphics effects, but I do not think that the more complicated logic. But I am sure that the time I spend not in vain! But you gave up in vain. Least for their own good works.
Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » Interactive animation in Macromedia Director
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