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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » render passes, order + operation
render passes, order + operation
pbarnes Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:57 | Message # 1

so i am learning compositing
i will be using mental ray for the rendering

now there are like 47 passes by default that maya MR will output (i have turn all on, i want to learn them all)
could some one help me out here

i want to know what order the composite goes in, i.e diffuse then spec and so on

also what layer/merge operation is need for each
i.e over, plus, multiply

i have attached a .txt with a list of the passes

could someone edit is into order with operations please

i know its a BIG ask but it will help me out a lot

many thanks


EDIT:: BTW im comping in Nuke

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:58 | Message # 2

Start with the diffuse as the base.

ao_ao - multiply
refl_reflection - screen
shd_shadow - multiply
spec_specular - screen
matte_matte used for masks(luma or alpha)

camz_depthremapped - used as input for a blur node or as mask for a blur node

normal_normalcam - normal passes are usuallly used for relighting. Multiply with a color, desaturate and screen the result wherever you need to.

Don't know most of the passes, so it's rather incomplete.

Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » render passes, order + operation
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