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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 3D Artist + 2D Noob advice
3D Artist + 2D Noob advice
Whirlwind Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:45 | Message # 1

I am looking for some advice for gaining the skill of getting something down on paper/screen quickly.

I am a 3D artist but would like to improve my 2D skills so I am able to sketch out an environment and then rough out its lighting before actually taking it in the 3D world, or rough out a character sketch before sculpting. A quick sketch in painter or photoshop would mean the world.

I have got loads of books and have fluctuated from being embaressingly bad to 'not terrible'. I have been spoiled I guess by taking online classes with Alex Oliver and Jesse Sandifer in sculpting and have found such an encourging improvment with mentored training from sucking at sculpting beforehand.

Thats what I am looking for with sketching and sketch painting. Can any of you recomend a workshop, online class or something similar that caters for a total noob in need of some training?

Lunatiq Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:45 | Message # 2

It's hard to recommend something specific because what you're asking is simply to improve as an artist so you can draw/paint something before executing in 3D. What you're looking at is not simply one thing--it's a combination of different knowledge and skills that make up the essential foundations of visual art--composition, perspective, colors, values, lighting, anatomy/figure, drawing/painting techniques...etc. To get knowledge and training in all of them, you would need a combination of different learning resources. You should start with the sticky threads at the top of this forum--they contain many links to tutorials and recommendations for books/videos.

I'm currently trying to finish the workshop I've been working on for over a year now, and I'm getting very close to finishing it. It'll be a boot camp for students that want to buckle down and become a better artist, and will cover many of the critical foundations and advanced knowledge/techniques. The main goal of the course is to shave off as many years from the student's frustrated aimless wanderings as possible so they don't waste years of their life making unnecessary mistakes and traveling down misguided paths. The workshop will be available right here at CG Society when it's ready (it'll be called "Becoming A Better Artist: Critical Knowledge and Techniques For Today's Artists"). I'm predicting in a few more months it'll be ready.

Lunatiq Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:46 | Message # 3

The workshop will be announced when I have finished all the course material. If you subscribe to the CG Society email newsletter, you'll be notified I think. I can also put you on my own email list so when it's ready I will send out an email.

I don't know any course out there that covers the range of my upcoming workshop.
Just about all the workshops I have seen only tackle one topic at a time. My mission is to pass on all the most critical and valuable knowledge and skills I've ever learned as an artist to date to the next generation, holding absolutely nothing back, revealing every single professional and personal secret I can think of. I've been working on the course material for well over a year now, so it's jam-packed to the brim. In fact I'm worried I might be overwhelming students with too much knowledge in such a short amount of time (8 weeks). Realistically, you'd probably have to attend years of art school to get the equivalent education. I have trimmed all the fat and frivolous stuff and concentrated on only what really matters. I also steered away from topics that you can easily find tons of other resources for, and tackled mostly topics that are very difficult to learn and very hard to teach.

Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 3D Artist + 2D Noob advice
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