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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 3DS Max, Mental ray, SSS, Veins
3DS Max, Mental ray, SSS, Veins
Snake Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:37 | Message # 1

I want to add veins to the material I have set for my bunny characters ears, but not to sure where I would put it.

at the moment I have a black and white image in the bump slot for veins on a Fast SSS mental ray material, but it isnt doing what i want.

Snake Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 18:37 | Message # 2

ok....been fooling around (cause i dont know mental ray SSS at all). Not sure if Im going about this the right way, but it is atleast getting somewhere.

The bunny has a multi/subobject mat on it with 3 SSS shaders on it. One for the skin (i want it to look plasticy) one for the nose and one for the ears

At first i was getting no results because somewhere along the line I had the bright idea to put a "B" in the scatter group to see what it does (having no clue), and never changed it back to a "A"....what is that for anyway?

I changed it back and started seeing changes, so been fooling around
here are some results.

This is the ears with only a Veins map in the bump slot (all of them have this on):

Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 3DS Max, Mental ray, SSS, Veins
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