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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 2010 Weird Redraw Issues
2010 Weird Redraw Issues
Truly Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 17:36 | Message # 1

MAX2010_64, XP x64, 32 GB RAM, Dual Nvidia 3450 display cards using latest Nvidia (non-beta) drivers.

I am transitioning to MAX2010_64 and am seeing some strange viewport issues.

1. I have a complex terrain model of a city scene (built by others). The model comes in at a microscopic size (what should be 385 units long is .111 units long). Prior to re-scaling this model up to the right size... the model moves very, very slow in the viewports. After scaling it up to the right size... the model moves much, much faster in the viewports (although it's still somewhat slow because of the complexity). This is just an observation.

2. I have weird viewport issues where when I have the grid showing in all viewports, the grid does NOT show in the Top viewport until I create a BOX in the view then the instant I start to draw the box, the grid appears. The grid will stay visible but if I delete the newly created box object, the grid will vanish. (See attached images showing before and after BOX creation).

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 17:36 | Message # 2

When I create a BOX in the Top view, the grid appears instantly. I can zoom in and out of the view and the grid in the Top view stays visible.

If I hide the box... the grid disappears and won't come back until the box is unhidden.

If I change the view to be something else such as Left or Right... no problem... grid is visible. But if I change it to Top or Bottom... grid disappears.

Truly Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 17:37 | Message # 3

No... I haven't tried other DirectX versions as I am using DirectX 9whatever that I have been using successfully with MAX2008 and if 2010 had required something else it would have installed it.

No... I haven't tried OpenGL as I use DirectX exclusively. I'm sure I can make the problem go away with SZB but I prefer DirectX and that is what I use with 2008.

As you noted, Maxtreme is not available for 2010 yet (and there seemed to be some discussion that it might not become available... we'll see).

I will have to do some more experimenting. May be related to the scene I'm working on.

Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » 2010 Weird Redraw Issues
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