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Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » New Advanced Pro Materials !
New Advanced Pro Materials !
Heartmann Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 16:39 | Message # 1

Hey Guys,

I have wrote a new Pro Shader collection: the TH-Materials. This Shader based on Pro-Materials and have include all important Parameters from the A&D-Shader to optimize the Material. At the beginning is the intuitive Paramter, after comes the Render Profi Functions. The new Parameters only in the GUI, if it you need it. For example, Stones or Metalls don´t need a Refraktion Function.

new Functionen:
- all AO-Functions
- Highlights only
- Fast interpolation Reflection/Refraction ( you can set more than 10 Interpolation Samples)
- all advanced Reflection/Refraction Optionen for example Cutoff.
- include/exclude Lights

Special Shader:
- Porcalain SSS
- Water VUE ( i delete Submerge, because VUE don´t work with this Function)

- delete the Pro Materials MI-Files in the Standard.mi File
- copy the Th-Materials MI-Files in /autoload/include

cyfer Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 16:42 | Message # 2

assuming you installed max in the default directory

copy the included mi files to
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\mentalray\shaders_autoload\include

now go to

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\mentalray\shaders_standard

open the Standard.mi file with notepad

put a (#) in front of

mi "adsk_Mtl_Ceramic.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Concrete.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Glazing.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Hardwood.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_MasonryCMU.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Metal.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_MetallicPaint.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Mirror.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_PlasticVinyl.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_SimpleGeneric.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_SolidGlass.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Stone.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_WallPaint.mi"
mi "adsk_Mtl_Water.mi"

so they become

#mi "adsk_Mtl_Ceramic.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Concrete.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Glazing.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Hardwood.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_MasonryCMU.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Metal.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_MetallicPaint.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Mirror.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_PlasticVinyl.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_SimpleGeneric.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_SolidGlass.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Stone.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_WallPaint.mi"
#mi "adsk_Mtl_Water.mi"

save the file start max

you have to do that or the shaders won't load and you'll get an error at startup

if you decide to uninstall , remove the # sign and remove the mi files

Hartmann Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 16:46 | Message # 3

Hi Guys,

it give a update of TH-Materials. I have now include FG Multiply and FG Quality and fixed some Bugs ( for example the AO-Map). At the weekend comes the new Shader Utilities Final for free. That can use all the new TH-Materials Functions.

Download Link:

Forum » Art Discussion » 3D Digital Art » New Advanced Pro Materials !
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