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Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » Contemporary Art / Sculpture?
Contemporary Art / Sculpture?
Guest Date: Saturday, 08.08.2009, 16:41 | Message # 1
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I have got some ideas I am working on but am struggling to learn enough about I may need some sculpture skills to pull it off, which I don�t have but if I can figure out how to keep my ideas under the contemporary art category I will be happy. I want to use various media (in addition to paint etc) to raise my images out of the canvas. Some to minimal effect/depth, others to maximum effect/depth. Using the standard deep hanging canvas as a base though.

I have heaps of ideas that are totally inspiring me but I am wondering how far is too far. When does a contemporary artwork cross the line into being classified under sculpture? Does anyone know of any artists (& possibly some internet links) that sit on or just within the boundary of contemporary art by the way they make their work or by what they use in their work? Ie their work is not classified as sculpture.

I have been told that relief sculpture, ie the depth to which the work comes out of the canvas is the key but I have been puzzled by some artwork that appears to do this & yet seems to be called contemporary art? Maybe I am just confusing myself & contemporary art is a broad term used for modern artworks & also for modern sculpture/installation type works?

I think one idea that has inspired me is some artwork I saw years ago where they had the picture come out of the frame, eg framed photo of a toaster with part of the toaster�s actual power cord & part of the piece of toast is on outside of frame. Sorry I have no photos or references besides memory.

Does anyone know any good books or resources I can refer to that are within the past 10yrs? I am trying to find info on a couple of things: Modern techniques on contemporary art & sculpture, and also any discussions regarding the boundaries that you shouldn�t cross when it comes to contemporary art & sculpture?

Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » Contemporary Art / Sculpture?
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