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Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » What would you want from an artist talk?
What would you want from an artist talk?
Amandav Date: Saturday, 08.08.2009, 16:27 | Message # 1
Independent Artist
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I have been asked to do an artist talk at the CAE (Council fo Adult Education) later this month.

The talk will be given to 50 - 60 students at Diploma Level, all adults and all very keen and interested in becoming artists. And I have a whole hour to fill. I am actually looking forward to doing it and am very comfortable with public speaking having done quite a bit of it in my other career.

But I do want to do a really good job of it and make it engaging, intersting etc.

What I am interested to know from people here is, if you think about artist talks you have heard (in person or on radio or tv) that you have responded to very positively, what was it about the talk that made you think that?
And/or when you go to an artist talk what sorts of things are you interested in hearing about?

Id love to get some feedback on this as an hour can be a long time to talk and hold people's interest.


Guest Date: Saturday, 08.08.2009, 16:35 | Message # 2
Lord Of The Posts
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Talk for 20 mins and then ask for questions
Personal history why you became an artist.
good news bad news about being an artist
Ask for donations to the starving artist fund
I find a cup or hat on the edge of the stage works for me
Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » What would you want from an artist talk?
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