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Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » My goodness ffs
My goodness ffs
Guest Date: Saturday, 08.08.2009, 16:47 | Message # 1
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Ok my site is called XXXXXXXXXXX- can i ask you people a question before you have an opinion and make yourselves look more stupid that dingo dung.

You sit in your fat backsides day after day - you watch TV and you read about this and that about fine art and you think that that ruch people dont XXXX - or XXXX or laugh ... ?

What the XXXXX is it with people ... ok heres an example ok .. you sit down and watch LORD ATTENBOROUGH's wildlife programmes in extasy and tyhere right in front of your face is a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. need i go on and yet XXXXXXXXX and i quote (but dont worry your not alone on those thoughts) is basically not a very professional name for a 'fine art' website...!

This is the type of XXXX i have to take from artists ... now you know WHY we charge commissions .. actually you have me thinking .. I dont probably charge enough commission ...!

ART IS ABOUT MONEY PEOPLE please wake the XXXX UP .. and in regards to internet art selling ... MORE people than you can possibly imagine already dream of owning XXXXXXXXX so just you get on with the painting and let me if any of you have any XXXXXXXX and/or professionalism (ie want to make some money) let me do what i know you morons dont have a XXXX clue about. Hell if you just shut your mouths and do as your told for a change you might all start to make some money ...!

here is a lesson ...

producing the picture is only about 45% of being an artist the rest is accounts .. inventories ... framing matting shipping LISTENNING ... ok. No one can gurantee you sales but some of us can GURANTEE you EXPOSURE...!


Forum » Art Discussion » General Discussion » My goodness ffs
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