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Rose Funeral - The Resting Sonata 2009 album review

Rose Funeral
Album: The Resting Sonata
Release Date: January 20, 2009
Label: Metal Blade Records

Track Listing
01. Exordium the fall of Christ
02. Sodomizer
03. God Demise
04. Remain in Dirt
05. Left to Rot
06. The Resting Sonata
07. Redeemer
08. Created to Kill
09. Embalming the Masses
10. Buried Beneath
11. Dawning the Resurrection Verse II

Reviewer: Eric

The Resting Sonata is the first release on Metal Blade Records for Rose Funeral. Their take on modern metal music is full of aggression and energy, but it isn’t the right sound the band needs to stand out. Is The Resting Sonata another washed-up metal release?

Rose Funeral has what it takes to become a known band in the metal scene. From live shows to certain songs, mainly the second half, you can hear the energy these guys are bringing to the table. My biggest concern though has to be the first part of the album. It sounds like the same bullshit we have heard on almost every release in 2007 and 2008.

Your average metal fan will right away fall in love with the constant breakdowns on The Resting Sonata. One after another, these breakdowns make up a good portion of the album. It really hurt to listen to the first part of this album. Some of these songs blend together too well, if you aren’t looking at the tracks then you might think that Rose Funeral made one long song.

Even though the second half of the album is better you have to deal with the double bass drumming style from Dusty Boles. The man loves playing the double bass so much he has almost made an entire new record within The Resting Sonata. It happens way too often and even when the album tries to get better Dusty is still doing his thing.

Vocalist Tim Russell is the strongest aspect on The Resting Sonata. His instant vocal change helps build character to the tracks, even when the rest of the band is screwing things up. My only real problem with Russell’s voice is how it sounds with some of the breakdowns, mainly the hardcore driven ones. It just sounds bad, a tad on the stale side.

Final Verdict
“What could have been” is the best question to ask yourself whenever you listen to The Resting Sonata. There are some obvious good aspects around the album but you will soon forget about the good after a few listens in your CD player. A nice effort from these guys but I am looking ahead; maybe the new Rose Funeral album will be better.

5.75 out of 10

Rose Funeral Official Web Site
Rose Funeral on Myspace

Download: Rose Funeral - The Resting Sonata 2009 mp3

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