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Review: Autodesk SketchBook Pro software with artist-friendly tools designed specifically for use with a stylus

Formerly owned and developed by 3D giant Alias, Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2 is a software title that enables the artist the freedom to create their work without worrying about how different dialog settings, panels or toolbars affect their art. There are parallels with Corel Painter with its natural media effects and stylus controls, but it is the simple interface that will appeal to the more traditional artist.

As with ArtRage, SketchBook Pro employs a clean interface that effectively turns your screen into one giant canvas. You have controls to determine tools, colours and effects, but these are presented in a way that makes accessing them as simple as reaching for a different pencil.

However, the advantages through using such a software alternative quickly become apparent. You have full control over your brush settings including type, flow, size and even slant. Even the task of resizing your brush takes on a novel approach as you click and drag directly on the canvas rather than having to adjust sliders or enter numeric data through the keyboard. Regular features such as layers are included, as are a raft of selection tools that you would expect to find with such a title.

But it is the software’s intuitive methods of providing access to its tools, combined with its versatility and flexibility, that results in an application that is both powerful and easy to master, making it perfect for both the novice or the seasoned digital artist.

•Gesture based user interface

•Optimised for tablet PCs and graphics tablets
•Easily editable brush properties
•Interactive brush resizing
•Custom brush creation
•Lasso selection tool
•Line constraint tools
•Increased maximum brush size
•Soft eraser tool

System Requirements
•PC: Windows XP/2000, Intel Pentium 266MHz, 128MB RAM
•Mac: OS X 10.3 or later, Power Mac G4, 256MB RAM


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