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Frat the movie - 3D video animation


"In a world where stone slowly overruns people and transforms them into statues, Sai, a twelve years old little boy, has the power to cure this disease with his blood. Since he is a child, his older brother, Vlad, martyrs him and preys on his gift by hiting him. One day Vlad lends Sai to his thug friends, who profit to cure their wounds and hit him, letting Sai sink into unconsciousness. In his dream, Sai discovers that he also has inside him, deeply buried, stone"

The movie is directed by Sebastien Durand , Aurélien Peis, Julien Limon and Cédric Trezeguet at ESMA in Montpellier (France)

"Frat. conta a história de um mundo onde pessoas machucadas transformam-se em pedra lentamente. Sai, o protagonista, é um garoto de doze anos de idade que tem o poder de curar essa doença com seu sangue. Desde criança, Vlad seu irmão mais velho, o maltrata e depois usa seu poder para curar as feridas e se

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