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Painted at 2008. Used software: Photoshop CS3 + Wacom.
PLAY    | Views: 5249 | Rating: 5.0/6 Admin

01.02.2009 Spam
Freak (Freak)
I like so much color palette but her face.. she's so rigid!

17.01.2009 Spam
ramm (RAMM)
Неплохая весьма работа!

14.01.2009 Spam
What an Amazone,
Great work!.....really nice body. And a great classic face profile!
Nice work on the statue and its texture, too.
I do not know about her left forearm. Either it is too short or the angle looks not correct because of the sharp bone at the elbow.
The elements in the bg I would have had orientated horizontically.
Nevertheless amazing second post! smile

14.01.2009 Spam
Fine paint, really good technique

13.01.2009 Spam
David (Eagle)
up Good job! some details are really awesome....

13.01.2009 Spam
this is very nice. I like your brush strokes...i'm eager to see more from you

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