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Let's put a smile on that face!

I suppose no introduction's necessary, but just for the sake of clarity: This is a portrait of The Joker.

Usually I have a somewhat clean style of painting/drawing, but I felt a bit of chaos would be appropriate for this one.

Time: 2-3 hours max

References: none or several, depending on how you count. This is not based on any specific photos. I had the image in my head but I looked at about 25 different photos of Heath Ledger(also in other roles than the Joker) to figure out his face correctly.

Tools: Photoshop CS3 + Wacom Volito2 tablet
Brushes: 1, I think it was a charcoal something
Layers: 1

The original is about 5-6 times bigger.

PLAY    | Views: 1410 | Rating: 4.0/6 killadore

Mariam Zakarian (killadore) [Материал]
Thank you, Jeff :)

Yeah, I will have this one, somewhere in my pc between inspiration stuff It´s great work, I like it so much!

Mariam Zakarian (killadore) [Материал]
TETRAGRAMMATION: it ain't recent, this was done back when the film first premiered :P thanks for the comment
S-m-i-l-e: thank you!

S-m-i-l-e [Материал]
Great portrait for this short time! very cool style!

I'm not very fond of recent surge in Joker fanart, but this is really good! nice brush stroks up

Mariam Zakarian (killadore) [Материал]
thanks, Exyder!

Nice style! Intresting version of The Joker. thumb
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