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Good Morning, Athas

Hi there,
Here is my new alter ego from world of Dark Sun, Hunter from mountain tribe of race known as Goliaths.

Done with PS, Intuos 3, thru almost 25 hrs. no references, no textures, no custom brushes (just small soft and hard one)

PLAY    | Views: 3710 | Rating: 5.0/8 Gandhi

13.10.2009 Spam
ogM all my work u get it i work at of my time 4 h or more nad u get it and post :( why?

24.02.2009 Spam
fantastic work!
Beautiful painting, love the composition, colors, design. I'm a big fan of your work.

24.02.2009 Spam
Fantastic, great work! I really like the his skin, I don't know why. =p

24.02.2009 Spam
Very impressive work, really nice

24.02.2009 Spam
What a piece...
So creative, so powerful image, great painting.
Can you tell your influences to create a piece like that ?
It feels Beksinski, Giger, Gothic art...
I became your fan now
Keep it up

24.02.2009 Spam
Absolutely wonderfully disturbing :-)

24.02.2009 Spam
Lovely piece of work, the textures are incredible.

24.02.2009 Spam
This is an awesome piece, the texture and detailing is stunning. The brushes you've added to the elements with stong back lighting is cool.

24.02.2009 Spam
Great lighting and atmosphere, 5 star!

24.02.2009 Spam
Masterfull! I love the overall texture work!

24.02.2009 Spam
Good textures, exotique result.

01.02.2009 Spam
Freak (Freak)
Hilarious illustration! Good work! I like the expressions and the directions this guy are looking. Nice style and character design.

16.01.2009 Spam
Shahan Zaidi (shahanart)
Wow Excellent details


14.01.2009 Spam
Exyder (Admin)

Congratulations, by results of member votings you are the AWARD winner! thumb

14.01.2009 Spam
Sibiriakov Kirill (vega3d)
Good work!!

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