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PLAY    | Views: 3678 | Rating: 5.0/8 karans

24.02.2009 Spam
Exyder (Admin)

Congratulations, by results of member votings you are the AWARD winner!

24.02.2009 Spam
karan shetty
thanks everyone,very happy that u guys liked my work
actually this is zbrush render and not mental ray,and the hair is texture,i just sculpted the mesh and applied the texture to give it a feel of hair,the light and everything is done in photoshop biggrin

24.02.2009 Spam
This looks fantastic. Did you do the whole model by any chance? I would love to rig something like this for you if you are interested? Would take a bit based on how busy I am but I would like to see this moving.

24.02.2009 Spam
Excellent work! - A great technical and artistic achievment.

24.02.2009 Spam
My Friend .... this is awesome!
I´ve some questions. About the beard, how did you get this result? You render in Mental Ray?
Could you post some configurations?
In a general way, how many time took the render?

24.02.2009 Spam
Great in everysense! I agree this lighting makes his eyes look kinda weird likez smile

24.02.2009 Spam
This is a fantastic render!!

24.02.2009 Spam
very well done work man!
i like skin details on face and head...
very nice eye and fur.
the lighting it's good, but in my opinion the shadow on the face it's too much dark since the card light direction is different.
very cool! smile

24.02.2009 Spam

Congrats for this beautiful work!!..great portrait,nice modeling, textures and lighting

24.02.2009 Spam
oh bravo bravo great job it

24.02.2009 Spam
Fantastic render all the way around. I especially love the lighting and the detail.
Great skin tones too. I'm not sure if I find the convergence point of his eyes to be too close in front of him; I might just be imagining that.

24.02.2009 Spam
Fantastic work man,skin,lighting,textures everything great!

24.02.2009 Spam
Wow amazing. I love this pic. Great work.

24.02.2009 Spam
Very clean and very detailed!
Congrats on finishing a very strong work. 5*

23.02.2009 Spam
omg, awesome! max+

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