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Forum » Music Forum » Composing » How to go about your composing? Do you hum and record... or
How to go about your composing? Do you hum and record... or
AMELius Date: Wednesday, 21.10.2009, 15:03 | Message # 1

I am just wondering. How do you compose?

- Do you flinker with your instruments and write in on paper?
- Or do you record the process whilst you are doing it...
- Do you use any cool software to manage your songs...

Guest Date: Wednesday, 21.10.2009, 15:15 | Message # 2

it depends. sometimes I sing something, sometimes it's worth trying to totally remember it, so I'll repeat it until I do.
Sometimes if there is a lyric, that can come attached to a tune. then I arrange it in my daw, decide on a sound for that, which is going to inform the whole attack and envelope of what happens, the 'time'.

more complex ideas, I started with a sound, palette of sound and decorated it, by improvising in my daw. and moving things around on the timeline, 'editing'.

I do not write on paper any more. the likelihood of hearing that has never been good, and it would be a total drawback for me to do it.

Guest Date: Wednesday, 21.10.2009, 15:15 | Message # 3

Initial ideas come in lots of ways, sometimes its just in my head, sometimes I stumble on it practicing my horns, or playing piano, trying to get comfortable with finding ideas on guitar, but i still suck on guitar. When I have the idea tho, I try and write it down on score paper, as quickly as possible, because the way my mind works, it will easily be transmuted into something totally different within 30 mins or so. So I try and write it down on paper - I have huge stacks of loose score paper with 2, 4, 8, 16 bar ideas (and odd-bar stuff of course). When I am in a less creative and more constructive mode, I will revisit ideas on those scraps and work out how to develop them. Unless I am under a deadline for a specific project and that has so many answers, all dependent upon what the project is. Some of my best jazz tunes I have written on paper only and often pretty quickly, other times painstakingly long times involved. But I used to always work with score paper only, and piano, sometimes checking a line on a horn
Civil Date: Wednesday, 21.10.2009, 15:16 | Message # 4

as far as writing stuff down... melodically, I tend to think modally. I sometimes jot it down in saregama, which is like Indian solfeggio, with an indication as to, eg., is the third (ga) flat, is the fourth (ma) sharp, etc. I don't have an absolute ear, so I'm not worried about absolute pitch to transcribe my own tune here. And I have made up a system using what you have just on a qwerty board for rhythmic notation. So, if it's kind of a subtle enough tune, melody and rhythm to where I might forget part of it, I email something to myself real quick or archive it in some way online. I'll lose a piece of paper easy.
Forum » Music Forum » Composing » How to go about your composing? Do you hum and record... or
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