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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Tale: Sergiyko and trees
Tale: Sergiyko and trees
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:51 | Message # 1
Free Artist
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Approaching New Year. Sergiyko ranenko rose and looked at my mother, who sat near the window and zashyvala his shirt, which he unwittingly broke, zachepyvshysya for tsvyashok: "A good mother to me! She loves us and Marynkoyu spared. And we love it too, ridnenku! Then transferred frozen stems look at the window, which was vymerezhano branches of trees, and the same fun! And this is how it draws so well? All this prompted Sergiyko that the day will be New Year and to prepare the tree to put in a room and decorate. "What mother is thinking? Maybe she also thinks my opinion - how and where to get beautiful? "- Thought Sergiyko.
New Year - a celebration of all the Council as decorated Green. And lies awake and thinks about yalynochku. "Where can it? Day, will ask my mother, she tells me? Mom "- spoke Sergiyko.
"But what synochku what you want?" - And putting sorochechku, approached Sergiyko and pohladyla on the head.
"I want yalynochku!
"So where do we take it, my little? Wood Afar and buy - not USD. You know how we trudnenko with money, at least hlibets enough, but then it in'yakyy time there. Rated a bit, then he should sorochechku you buy, because the school is not in that pereodezhytysya. And on elderly and overworn, then rushes.
Zazhuryvsya Sergiyko such language and mother said nothing, because my mother felt sorry for him. "Rejoice kids of rich parents, in which the hryvnia, cars and houses in abundance reigns. I did not have a dad - died of illness. "
Sergiyko nakotyly tears, but my mother, he showed them to not hurt her soul: "Because she loves us too!"
"Sleep more, synochku still early. And in the yard frost frost, online at shybochkah pomurovani foxes are beautiful. Sleep. "- And natyahla blanket on the shoulders, even when tuhenko pidsunula back, and the Marynky went to look.
It was her pity their children, and what do? Where to take the Green? "Maybe ask Gritsky to even brought a little? But if he wants to carry pitiable, he better bring a rich, then give a bottle. Oh, and no more trouble. "- Has quietly splaknula
Sergiyko, the hero of the tiny fairy tales, was a great sadness. His mother is very poor, a simple worker, who had a pair children. Their dad died a year ago from a serious illness. Sad then, the amount and now. Kids hear that the New Year arrives. All are preparing for it and rejoice. Going to go on the tree. He and Kohl went to dad and Valya. A Sergiyko so you want to put in the Green beautiful house, that his dear poradilo, and take it anywhere! And second, I say forget it and buy them a Christmas tree. Pensions do not give grandma and her mother is not receiving. They say no money - nothing to pay. "I yalynochku at least two hryvnia, and will not let my mother, because the bread will not be money - tovchetsya pain Serhiykoviy soul and he was crying quietly dry eyes, a tantalizing holovonku. It wants to put the Green!
"We also have little toys, a mother's, they have twenty-seven years. But hang on there that. They will lie hidden - thought Sergiyko.
"Marynko! Sis, let's go into the forest and vyrubayemo tree, or even sosonochku little "- said Sergiyko all tears.
"But thou! It's too far. I will not go because I am afraid! .. There is life that the forest nervously walk without my mother. And adults need to beware. Recently he told grandmother that went into the forest still often on mushrooms in raspberry and strawberry. Now most robbers walk in the woods. How to hear it! "And where is God in a white world" - so say our grandfathers and grandmothers. They found chopped there - hung, and then bound and tortured. No, I will not go! And you is not empty. I'll tell mom. Better we have no trees. "
With pain Rozryta soul, with great grief came Sergiyko the house and began walking about the yard, his feet sliding on the snow. A tree fell with no eyes. Then there was the sight of snow, the Green and fragrant. Walked, went to court Sergiyko thought, thought, and the pain of life do not leave. "Now, take an ax and go into the forest alone with God - no one I am not afraid!"
Nothing anyone saying he took motuzochku, pidv'yazavsya, put his ax in it, picked up the skis and went to the forest.
Beautiful snow-covered field, where only some places look like a bush of some large plants, and then around a white-white. Sun shines and warms little skier. HE quickly that even a pair of snapdragon fly like smoke from the pipes of an old grandfather.
That's just above the forest from afar. Sergiyko stopped to rest a bit. Regain hat, postoyav looked and ran again, vpyrayuchys sticks in the snow. "Although I would cope, because grandma said that now nichka long and cold, and a short day. But even Afar. Only I would find it and cut down and bring in and month. Now Moon shines yasnenko, see the whole nichka.
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:52 | Message # 2
Free Artist
Posts: 40
Status: Offline
That has also nedalechko - hand file. Sergiyko glad and healthy. Zayihav in the forest and became examine where trees grow, and they did not. Sergiyko decided to go further. Oaks and birches interlaced, but the trees did not see. Snow-covered road was Rozryta large sanmy. Someone, probably also driving on beauty. Having passed a bit, saw Sergiyko vidlamanu Conversation trees and realized that going right. Coccinellidae is not visible from behind the trees. Will soon be dark. Went to velychenku clearing and before his eyes on the other side of a forest trees. Only large, but small to be seen. "Go even further - and find somewhere" - he thought. That's potemnishalo. What should I do? Tired Sergiyko had to sit and relax while the Moon rises.
"Wherever it prymostytysya?" - A look about - "He will go on The one great beauty." Came closer and zabachyv bundle of sticks and a handful of pins. "That's the seat on the studs suhenki. Took off his skis, put sticks and sat. Posydivshy little, he felt that a handful of featherbed. This upset him. And he bury her in order to better relax.
A forest makes a noise minutes and minutes like a sigh. Vity ponahynalysya laden snow to the ground like someone buried that no one noticed.
Sergiyko, hlybochenko zaryvshys, polynuv kripenkyy to sleep because I was very tired. Fast asleep next to Teddy, who also assumed his paw. It was a rough hut in which he vidsypavsya until spring. When Sergiyko lay nearby, he roused from his sleeping, but also embraced the boy. Nichka Sergiyko years and slept in the heat. And in the morning woke up and remembered that he was in the forest. I stand quietly. But what is it? Someone's heavy hand is holding it and not to let. He was slowly vidsovuvatysya of burden. Vidsunuvshys and quietly sat down, saw a disservice Sergiyko leg. First fear, then calmed himself: "I am not afraid!" And he was scared of teeth clatter. Again looked at the leg and thought: "Though not wake him, for then will be worse for me!" Charter slowly and became nahortaty pin and dimple paw Bear and all his, that the wind does not zaduvav him and that he was featherbed. All done properly and fright around Delhi: "That's a spy for zdorov'yachko and not ave the New Year. Took skis felt ax and went quietly to not feel horrid.
Went nedalechko Sergiyko yalynochku saw that as manyla it to yourself. Approaching, he stroked the branches and lift Chopper: "I pity you and butcher and New Year makes me, because without you - is not New Year!" Bowed vyrubav, motuzochkoyu bound and tied to the back: "Well, bear , thank you for your warmth. Come to me on New Year's sow. I wait for thee. "
I went to rejoice and quickly back on his slidochku, who left yesterday.
A mother and Marynka whole nichka not slept and looked Sergiyko. He returned with his planned gift, which he very much wanted. He was very funny. We happily told his mother and sister, as he slept in the arms bear. Do not believe them. And when all told to believe.
Now he will meet bimillenary New Year with joy, sitting at home in the Green beautiful, decorated with toys Matus. It will be fun and Marynka his sister and mother to a grandmother. A Sergiyko will wait for Bear, which called for a sow.
Acittysot Date: Saturday, 28.11.2009, 23:05 | Message # 3

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adefigree Date: Thursday, 24.12.2009, 04:32 | Message # 4

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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Tale: Sergiyko and trees
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