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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Tale - Ivanka AND MERMAID. by Catherine MEHEM.
Tale - Ivanka AND MERMAID. by Catherine MEHEM.
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:44 | Message # 1
Free Artist
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It was a long one an old village. Old hatynochky were like mushrooms, covered with straw, in a large green trees. Rozislalasya dorizhechka under the village that lay between the older luxury willows. They were already duplysti, but added beauty path that tyahlasya to the forest. Willows were then tilted to one side then the other, but each cherished the beauty of old age.
In one of those old hatynok father lived with her daughter and granddaughter Ivanko. Grandpa called Ivanka bezbatchenkom, because he had no father and grandfather had in never obrazhavsya for it. "Well, that I bezbatchenko, but onuchok your" - "And my, my dear! - And took him to his knees, prykazuyuchy - Listen, my little, that you will tell your grandfather. " - "If you say, well, I will listen, and if bad, then run walk. - Ivanko, I will tell you very good, and you hear and Mota mustache! "-" But I have no lips! "-" No, then head of advice and invest my поученіє things to know and to grandfather the law did .
I began to instruct his grandfather: "I am too old may not live long, then listen and spared my mother, do people good. Do not never wrong nor old, nor young. Share With each slice of bread and Vodice. It's so угодно God, then you will be fine. And I will tell you that, as pospiye rye, do not go alone to the valley, in rye, because they encounter mermaids, which can zaloskotaty. This I heard from the veterans. - "Grandpa, I will not go until a small, but as older, you need rye is cut, same mother who will help?
I liked my grandfather and grandson often vmoschuvavsya knees, to hear his stories. Not trusted by mermaids, but osterihavsya and always as a grow up.
Here he died old. Funeral and they live together with my mother.
Grew more Ivanko, a stocky and healthy. Did in his yard and he was smiling Matus, which he loved and helped her around. Rejoiced in his life and loved all the old and young, as he told his grandfather.
Ivanka love and all the inhabitants of old villages. All it cried for help when someone is needed to be done, and not valid, then asked him to be in the help. All the villagers wished him health and also happened to such a beautiful bride lovely lads. That grew.
Once mother said that she already spiye rye. "Today denok pin. I am going to reap, though pivkopy nazhnu and night to help me, Ivanka, and poznosyty poskladaty. You're in my stubborn and neledachyy.
Bite it stings, and hurry to to press more. And tired: "Give a little viddyshu" sat on snopyk and to think about your life that lived and trudnenko bitterly, and even its mention dolenku unhappy. Pidkotylasya bitterness of the heart and tears in the eyes appeared. "But whether it will be my pleasure to synochkom?" - She thought.
But the slew of opinion zhayvoronochok, which took off near her and sang her song. Heard mother was listening and that he sings it. And his song as he translates it to the Lord, each speaks a word: "There you sonny stocky and healthy, beautiful face and chornobrovyy, but he will not have a happy fate! They shall reap zhytechko to help you, and welcome to Little Mermaid, prymanyt and carry away. And you, mother, go look and it's cursed. Take your synochka, zalyshyshsya you alone. " - "Stop, my chuck. What do I sing this sad and not to the heart. I have lived life and so sad and weary, perhaps a little more patience, my God? "Rose up quickly to see where he sings and who translates. Glyanula in one direction, then in the second and no one saw. Prylozhyla hands to the head and thinks: "Is it I thought? - And no, I have heard it all, know all the catchwords.
"Oh, my God! Is this it can happen? "- And if obsypalo boiling water, whole body sweating. Raised their hands up and pray to God that that was not that heard. And swallows air, and her heart filled with pain, as it does not exceed here with chest and flee towards the son. Big burning with bitterness Kotylysja tears from his eyes and fell on the linen shirt, embroidered with black crosses.
Translating its vision of rye, which stood rivnenko on their thin legs and ponahylyalo their povnenki kolosochky, highlighted by these terrible thoughts. She took the hands and kolosochok prytulyla to tearful face, saying: "It is true, this can not be. I zasterezhu synochka. He is my one! "
Where come from wind, viynuv zhytechko and bowed to her as his affection pryhornulo, and vidhylylosya back. Refreshed from the thick sweat and all that happened somewhere in Delhi, blew more, a wave rolled in spilenkoho ears. A little bit vidsunuvsya pain.
Nahnulasya, took serpyka and was again reap and think with pain and sorrow. Unfortunately it is a short one until such time as the sun was falling to the west. Sonny soon come to the rescue. I can not say anything to him - he may have good will. Because, as described, so will worry - he is already an adult.
But sonny and running and running, raises snopyky and put two and two against, then do the same. Hostelry, and looked all forgotten. Constant rule in her patience and she closed her soul rest in cloudy, admiring his son.
"Wow, mother, but unfortunately you" - said sonny, embracing tired. "Motherland, Ivanka, for it spilenke zhytechko. Look, that it is rich in beauty, and harvest it, praise God! Today reap enough, come tomorrow. "
"Maybe I learn to reap?" - Thought Ivanko, and then said aloud: "Tomorrow I'll grandmother serpyka and help you, my mother!" Smiled herself and said nothing. Nahnulasya claimed noggin, poured water bewitched, warm sun, and went home.
Accumulate overnight. Ivanko asleep heard, and have all the lies and takes their views on day one, and all neveselenki. Nichka years and could not sleep, only the most stishylasya morning and fell asleep. In the dream girl saw an old, around the black dress, which looked at her and said quietly, so as not to awaken her: "Do not be sad, but we seek your synochka. And find. Where and dilasya as it was not.
Woke up and again zabovkavsya heartache and great! Snuye bitterness to the eyes and tears rolling stream: "And yet something is happening to me, and whether indeed with my baby Something is wrong. I will go podyvlyusya he there. Not zasvityvshy kahanchyka, approached polyka where he lay and slept Ivanko, quietly prytulyla their hands to him, and quiet - hear, breathe calmly. "Oh, it seems to me something wrong, I am perevtomylasya, your dream is" Causes convince myself this and settle down. Do not tell synochkovi do not enter it in sorrow.
Stepped on. Ivanko arose poporav hudobonku and went to seek serpyka. "Aha, here he STREAM, zubastenkyy" - came to his mother and said:
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:44 | Message # 2
Free Artist
Posts: 40
Status: Offline
"Let me go, Mom, first and reap povchusya that when you go, I was able to have managed to serpykom. Did you boil yistochky and offer. - "Do not go, Ivanko, go together." - "No, I am povchusya" Do not be detained synochka. Pidv'yazavsya motuzochkoyu, put brylyka, violently stronger postolyky and went.
That's Lan. Pohoyduyetsya zhytechko wave along with the breeze and smells of early dew. Sun smiled zhytechku and molodenkomu chornobrovomu handsome man who comes from serpykom shoulders and laughed with them - it will reap vysochenke is slim and rye.
That's come. I look at pivkopu Maminov - pomyluvavsya. V. He casts serpyka shoulders and crisscrossed. "Well, with God" - uttered. Only a brother serpyka kripenko in hand, he heard a gentle and tender voice: "With God, with God. Not zhny, but go with me, because they do not know how you reap, they also handle damage. I will show you how and help. Rozihnuvsya and serpyka cast of surprise, because before it was such a spoiled girl with black braids, which were cornflower blue and even smiling at the head wreath. And her eyes were blue, blue - like arrows penetrated Ivanka.
Dizzy, and Ivanko did not know what to do. He had never seen such beauty and his heart perepovnylosya some strange miracle of this girl, from a weakness to withdraw its opinion. "Who are you?" - Asked her - "Where you did this girl in my field? Where are you this? "And infirmity budge, like take a strong liking to the holy zemelky. "I am really beautiful, you noticed. Well, you have me Nivroku, please. I noticed you yesterday here, as you snopyky amounted to. Well, Come closer to me, give serpyka, I will teach you reap, because you do not know how. - "I can, because I did not keep serpyka in hand. - "Here I will teach you reap."
Ivanko serpyka took and went to beauty, which stretched out his hands and waiting for him to come. Two steps have to step it to Mermaid took his hand. A serpyka had to steer and led to another, zatumanyvshy its beauty and great affection. It pryhornula him dear to their ringing laughter and joy and delight he went with her nezna where. Leads to zhytechku Ivanka and pleased that such a good boy zatumanyla: "He will live with me and I will be happy to have, on the field with him to run and walk in the woods.
"Where me vedesh, stranger?" - Said Ivanko, a stop can not, because it is not by force but by a great love for her. "This is where I brought you! See how here properly and veselen'ku! He look, like sun bathing in Vodice. Here, we pokupayemos with him. - "No, I will not swim!" - "What, are not able to log in Vodice? And swim? Then I will teach you. " Was his strip. Dropped brylyk and solved postolyky and put on the Green grass. Took hands and began to pull the boy into the water. But the boy had the power and become lean. "Come, boys, help me cope with him," Ivanko looked down navsibich him there are very beautiful, like the one that carried it. Then they circulated pidstupaty and tickle their handles.
"Probably need to go in Vodice, because they can not cope with them," followed Mermaid after the water where kvitly white lilies and yellow Dome. She summed it inward, embraced and kissed mitsnenko. Pokotylosya in Ivanka something inside of the head to his feet and he pronyzalo prylypnuv your kiss to Mermaid as rep'yashok to the canvas. Already he will never and never let himself will not go on it.
Whispers, pereshiptuyutsya Mermaid in rye, looking at them, and rejoice that such a handsome couple found their. Chornobrovomu envy and stocky, and even curling.
Vykupalysya in transparent Vodice with sun and went on berezhechok where stood Ivankiv postolyky. Povysushuvalysya the sun and the Mermaid inheritance
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:45 | Message # 3
Free Artist
Posts: 40
Status: Offline
postolyky, even brylyk filed in the hands of boys, it is vicious. Took her hand and, usmihnuvshys, said: "Now you are my forever. I loved you from me and never podineshsya. Now we go for the sun shall go down soon.
Not styamyvsya Ivanko, as the day passed and became vechority and love them no end. Noise zolotenke zhytechko and embrace their noise and affection.
It was darkle. Ivanko has podumuvaty of home and mother, but all thoughts of his decline and is somewhere that he does not know where. This is the end zhytechka rozlyahlosya spruce and a large field of strange grass that smells like that it is unconscious Ivanko. For grass and over, and as beloved Little Mermaid is away to their houses forgot where it is. Volga in the great primeval forest and caressed him and embraced, their fortune telling him nasolodzhuye.
Dovhenko they went and came to the big oak. Ivanka she stopped and said: "Here I picked up our houses, in which we live and enjoy. Winds up on the other hand, withdrew with a Silver Key and vsunula during measles: "Come, vidkryytesya door for newlyweds come! Zaskrypilo strange creaking, zasvystilo slowly and opened the door, which brought in Mermaid Ivanka. He was powerless to escape with Cookies strong love and silently stared at her that pulled him in his little hut in the trunk of an old oak: "Here and live. Ivanko looked around and saw: spilenke zhytechko lay like a bed in the corner. Decorated with different colors and a witch's brew for a smelt. A particularly circle was described cornflowers. On the walls hung shechevytsya Green with its flower, which prydavala charming beauty of this big hole. "Here vmoschuysya here and sleep. Ivanka stripped and pryholubyla to rejoice.
A pitiable mother all day and it looked Nichen'ka was added. Shining moon vydnenko and walk around calling his mother and child, a boy. Nowhere either no sound, did not hear anything pitiable. Tired calling quietly: "Ivanko, my deary syzokrylyy, why are you so silent. Do not be silent, vidhuknys though slowly, I can hear! Where you go, from where you look where you could get to in the face denochka that bad dolenka you suffer, and you do the klyataya Mermaid and took a obvinchala! Oh Little Mermaid-Beauty, I saw you once away, and nobody talked. You went round flowery valley and I saw you in blue Crowns decorated and Green shechevytseyu obvishanu. If you took my synochka, I cursed you and black havoyu you complain that you karkala on the tree, not the rye to you anyone could kill, then maybe I would have you received and your synochka deliver! . I was appeased, zemelky fell to weeping, and kissing her, God asked: "Help me, O God, synochka find! I pray thee thy holy pray their slizonkamy your zemelku watered! Rozplakalasya and shouting with his melancholy sadness with a pronounced. And then styshylasya, little vdyvyvshys the sky and the stars and began to sleep with grief.
Drimala brief, because it udalasya mermaid forest - like a black bird circled above it and something nashiptuyuchy, said. Be awake, wandering great sadness and thinking again about the strange dream - Yes. She took it and left serpyka where I stings. Arose and podybala distance, avoiding rye. Described random tall grass smelling and do not met anyone. Here and end travytsi.
Began forest - first ridenkyy and friendly, and then became impassable, hustesenkym. Noise, birds singing voice and your songs sound inserts. Available singing and roznosytsya by fabulous nature. "How beautiful! Is mermaid forest somewhere and live here because they love the forest, rye and valleys? Maybe she winds up in my synochka such fantastic beauty. But if the same is it, then maybe I would find it here! Perehrestylasya and looked back - or none of it will not totter. No one, and somehow became creepy.
Long gone and their slidochky snuvala. Already wanted to return, and black Let's talk it scared her croak. Glyanula, and she sits on a large oak branch and karkaye. "Why would she sit here? Come, let her come closer. " When she stepped once, then a second time, it Let's talk to specify their wings, like something was guarded. "Maybe ask her why she cries? No, she says, silence is better for her to watch - it will do. " Embarked again, and Gava zakruzhlyala around oak and sat down again, looking at her. "I will go, under the condition that the oak and post and viddyshu bit. Constant, pryhylylasya like and do not see black, and looks askance. Not long she had to stand. Zatipala Let's talk wings and summer has come down to the trunk of an oak. Mother watched by hiding itself. Gava sat on the bough and looked at the bark of oak. But at that moment saw the widow and flew to the place where it was. "There's something there. Some of its mystery. I will go podyvlyusya. Only the approach was - and what is it? Black Let's talk catches on the head and beating wings, and dzobaye. It is not permitted to be the place where and wanted to see. Bristle poor woman and thought: "Did I not poduzhayu it?. See - is near the chuck. She rushed to him, but nakynulasya Let's talk again. Still received a black chuck and hit on the head. And cried with pain and a little pomahavshy wings styhla.
Have looked at her and saw the silver on the neck, like Crystal, Key attached to nytochtsi. Took him down, looked good and thought: Somewhere here in the crust should be snap. Sought and not found, but not go threw. "Lord, at least I helped you, or someone was in the help! Hear - some birdie knocks your antenna, as in iron. Raised his head and saw a small bird, which hung down head and antenna beating during measles. "Maybe She tells me, come on look", came shkryabnula hand for measles, and deviated and mother saw a secret Lock Key that was neck in havy. Vstromyla it and snap it instantly opened the door. Vhopyvshys for them, have entered into. Bright sun shone, and she saw that someone is sent on rye, decorated with cornflowers. Leaned to examine, and saw his synochka, who was lying asleep without prosypu and nothing heard. "Oh, thank God that I found you, my Sokolik" - and, weeping, embraced him.
It was slizonky roll and fall on your face son, but he did not vorushyvsya. Even worse was the cry of his mother and wash your eyes with tears. So one tear fell on viyechko and slipped just in the eye, which became a flash. "Oh, synochku probably need water bewitched you, that you awaken. But where is it not vznavshy to take? "
Stood up and decided to go in the water. Do not leave the door unclosed. Locked to nowhere divsya her sonny.
Vybihla on some clearing and heard that somewhere hlyupayetsya Kachechka, and is not one. Back there - and really there on the water hlyupayutsya two Kachechka. "In what type, what? There is nothing in your hands! "Looked around and saw a huge piece, which grew under the roots of some trees and flowing down through it Vodice in this fountain. Like somebody poured, some sitting. This leaf was stripped, and even the second notice and vomited. Zhornula as a noggin, filled water. Bihtsem ran into a great oak. Zahekavshys was, I thought: how not pour Vodice and unlock the door? And invented. Folded edge leaves kripenko took in one hand, and opened the second. Well, that helped the sun - shone on synochka. She leaned over him and began to disclose his mouth and slowly dribble water. Seeing that he rum'yanity and deeper breathing, she had fun. Then opened his eyes and saw his mother and is very glad to it, because I was fascinated by the beautiful mermaid. But when swallowed whole Vodice, shamenuvsya and said: "It's you, Mom?" - "Yes, synochku, that's me. Get up and go home! "Sonny arose, dressed in postolyky who stood near him, and put away brylyka motuzochku to pidv'yazatysya:" Well, let's go. But where am I? Where did you take away me, mother? What is this bed so with cornflowers? "-" Come on, sonny, I'll tell you at home.
Took the son's hand, withdrew from the crypt forest beautiful mermaid and shut dverchata, Key took a while to remember. Then summed to black havy killed and showed her son: "Here she took you and brought into this duplyanku. When she took you, it was not havoyu and forest beautiful mermaid, in which you believe in love. I have it on zaklyala havu and I killed her to save you. "
All pryhadalosya Ivankiv and he thanked Matus. Key synochku she gave, that he put on himself and closed by mermaids. A home sprinkled holy water on a long happy life.
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