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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » My life. Catherine MEHEM. Kozelets - 2006
My life. Catherine MEHEM. Kozelets - 2006
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:27 | Message # 11
Free Artist
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But even my memories of how we lived after the war. It was a very difficult life. There were few, especially bread. Kovalok bread - it was great fun. Grain exported from the village who-knows where, and people had left. Bread baked with zhymerynoyu (friction potatoes) and dried clover. Nazryvayemo clover flowers, nasushymo and mill at the mill with ZHito or with wheat, then add zhymerynu. And my mother was burning with tears, because it looks like a delicious bread. But eating and lasuvaly.
In spring and went looking for rotten potatoes in the wholesale and baked cakes. They were so smelly, and us - tasty, because it had nothing to eat. Now, as I recall, the frost on the body goes, so remember those terrible years of life that we had to live. But even in memory they are, as it was recently.
But they say that poppy drugs and destroy it. And we in the years to pivmishka ate. Soup with poppy seeds. The truth of his smell me sick head. Mnushka-potatoes with poppy seeds, beans and pies with poppy seeds. Everything is eaten often. Even made with sour cream poppy - is a holiday. A number of elders went to bag the village! And all treated at least something. Not vidkazuvaly, and believed that this is God угодно - give alms poor.
In winter, up in wisdom spun, wove, sewed shirts and linen in the summer, as the ants were all at work.
And how much was about Korzo work! It was going to Galya, sister, in a field that is growing rye or wheat are zhovtenka ready to kosinnya. It grew over the edges Korzo already reached. Spread nicely and went on to tear the soft stem struchechkamy filled чорненькими kernels. Narva bahatenko then potovchemosya foot on it, vyhoroshatsya kernels. Then straw povybyrayemo and enjoying a good harvest and our good future oliytsi. But even as it had dried, potovkty in a mortar on muchychku and then go and squeeze out the Green and tasty oil. Queue has always been his grandfather Nicholas. His mother was the oil mill and its people, because everyone left the oliyky him even cake kryzhalo for Ladybird beetles. Beat oil and flax. Sown on the farm for many of its oil and for the state - for the production of textiles and oil paints.
And how many people up in wisdom spun and wove cloth! Everyone was working. Who tripav who mychechky mykav, and I often sukala tsivochky to laying the father or mother in the shuttle, which is thrown here, there and on the basis sukaly. And after you have just came out cloth that we wear in sorochechky and bloomers. Even now I lay three slices.
Seven years to the very old - all were at work. Who zduzhaye do that, and what does. At harvest time the children also was working - glean in the field. How much will their pozbyrala is not peredash in writing. Every day zranochku bosenka Shanko with shoulder and go for the stubble look, which is lost. Chooses not movchechky and singing: "You first, pochynochok" But on second, third, fourth, all povnenki and fat, my boys ridnenki "It consisted song. It has been and nosebag povnenka and vazhkenka, barely bringing home. Tattered legs at the stubble, like who popysav red pencil on them - schemlyat blood povystupala. Come to a spring, in addition to running water bewitched and crying because schemlyat. And faith was that of a spring water is treated and beauty gave. These were the words of my mother and I always believed them.
If now, as I write this, was that a spring he went to skupalasya including magicians. Maybe it would have took my present grief and sorrow, as spovyvayut much more, then more and more. Snuyetsya bitterness mental, which I have not noticed .. But it was like eating butter with Korzo and say: "What hirchenka, but beautiful and in good taste and fragrant. Her bitterness like lichyla. We have such a taste, and no.
The work I was obstinate, because we did not have grandmothers. And I had a spare anyone. Who was staresenka though, was in the house and help out the girls run about. I was always tied to work.
Both my grandmothers were not lazy to work. And my people zavyduvaly. All told: "Kate is successful in its babu Anna. This is Maminov mother. And like I was with Marusya is mum dad.
At harvest time did not only during the day but at night added. Noon flail was spekotno, and at night when the moon threshed rye or wheat. I remember Daddy wore a dinner and mom to threshing temnenkoho evening. Idu field is not very far. And a little Fear. Why - most do not know why, but I am afraid. Even in places ran, only to sputter stezhechtsi legs. Came, all who I saw vsmihayutsya, saying: "That brigade arrived and dinner. Where else is this girl, as in our brigadier. Povecheryayut and I podyvlyus them both - all in the sand with only eyes the moon shine, they are dirty face. Then nasypayut grain in a pot and take her hand off my mother: "Go, Katya, home for herself poboyishsya go then, but I have time in his place. Mom goes, and I'll post more and podyvlyusya and hear the one vowel evil machine that vyhryukuvala all voices his song weary, but very loud. Spared a dirty people, but I can not help. Probably so required. Even my dad was unsightly - the sand zahovalasya its beauty. Then shamenus, who stand and watch from afar, balls and running as I have strength, flying from lyakom home. So I nadumayutsya wolves, then how comes to cannabis, so iron grandmother remembered. Yet I fear for my opinion helps.
Ran home rozplachusya and Olya me rest. Pretty she was my sister: "Do not cry, Katrusyu, I poporalas, will go to sleep, only that milk priests.
On the second day we were on Oleyu dinner, then I was not scared. Even sang the song, which itself was.
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:29 | Message # 12
Free Artist
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These words are listened to Olga. She praised me that I was whiz, I am able to sing, saying, I will be singer or writer. However, that childhood I muhykala his invention - the songs and fairy tales.
In school I loved to walk. Were friends only successful kids. Retarded is not loved. In school I studied well. Could be better, but at home I did not learn nothing - no time - to remember the lesson, then mine.
Fought with the boys because they smykaly me spit. That somehow one lesson at Kohl pulled me forward and I zastromyla his pen in hand to sweep. Mistress drive me to the door. I was about her poem:
I sang in school choirs and myself, also was a dancer. Until this day my Basil remembers and tells that he fell in love with me, saw me dance. Says my husband that I left him in memory of their dances and forget do not forget he took me for a wife.
I graduated seven classes. And more to the school is gone, and decided to go to work.
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:30 | Message # 13
Free Artist
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After seven classes I went to Kyiv to serve the villagers. He was a prosecutor and his wife, zhydivka, nurse did. There were two children. I lived well, loved me and treated me well, but I'm not willing to serve. Prymanulosya home. Only three months stood. And they promised to assign in Kiev and explore. So foolish was I named after myself, even blame their parents that no nastoyaly that I suffered a bit, until you grow up. How I then zhalkuvala in Kyiv, it does not pass, but did not change anything. The rest pity on my life through my mind was still small.
After Kyiv sit at home nothing should look for work. While me and the school appealed to the eighth grade. I went poverty called to work. At that time the village had not produced young, and all zatyahaly the collective farm. They then often verbovky. I decided to zaverbuvatysya Basin, though my years are not allowed to even go. Had to add a one year to go, because the two were driving my girlfriend. They were from the thirty-fifth, and I - the thirty-seventh child yet. Get a spray and beat the mother and all my stubbornness prevailed.
By verbovtsi we brought in Hatsapetivku Enakievskogo area. The work was hard - loaded coal on trucks. Somewhere his car was taken without us. Then transferred to the construction of a large pipe. When built, I climbed on her and set a flag on it. It was my merit, albeit in vain. And I was proud, not afraid of heights this - I still above polizty.
And you know, you give us a salary, it also does not mention the need for taking me out and crying. And the food was lacking, not just to buy something to put! Dobuly we almost to the end of the year, which we gave for free. Passport we have a number in number. Well, that although in the farm took on swine farms, and then - just go to the kolkhoz.
That povitrylas worker from home. I thought that I would earn money and help my mother, because father was not home. He was sentenced to 5 kg of peas, which gathered near the stack, as skyrtuvav. So was Stalin's cruel law - to take nothing kolkhoz was not allowed, and not take the field. For five pounds of peas on earth father was sentenced to five years. It was a great sorrow for us. But even during that time, thieves robbed us. All taken from the barn, with trunks. We are left naked. Four children per mother again! However, Olga is made with gala, and we Vaneyu were still weak.
Verbovka was us not to stand. Work hard and a tiny salary. Bread earned was bitter with tears. I think that will help even a little, but - no! Itself was stripped and hungry. It wanted to at least one spare word lukewarm, or even embraced gosling pitiable head. But who zhaliv alien children, the Green and slim! Chiefs of luxurious living, and with small children abused, forced to do, like servants, and pay - no pay. It is that eating nothing buy for anything loaves. Something else and not seen. Hlibets and ridenkyy soup with oliykoyu. Often when I went shop with outstretched hand. Sometimes lucky, a driver will ruble, or even two. Not only I went, but others who did not receive parcels from home.
Vidhoruvala year. Thought -'ll get a passport, go to the city to work in any factory. No, did not happen. Afar-year passports to us, not just say: come again to the farm. Left without their conceived. Cry again, again, was sorry, that does not remain in Kiev. Became very sorry for the school. In Donbass once met a grandfather who told me: "Why do not you learned here? You are very smart and talented. How vyvchyshsya not, you complain, how to live! "And so it is. When I write, I have sixty-four years and I pay for itself, which remained unread. What I just wrote, how much more could write. But who is interested? Only me. But can anyone read that love to listen to and interested in the lives of ordinary people.
Returning from Hatsapetivky, I went to make pig-woman in the farm. Made in good faith. So I sent to Moscow on the All-Union agricultural exhibition with my vidkormom. My mother cried for me. Said that hunger and there. But for some reason I rejoiced this trip and my mother vtishala. Almost agreed. Gathered on the road to eat and removed from the room in tears. It was in 1955.
Five pigs and I vetlikarem Lido tovarnyakom went to Moscow. Great car, Barred. Smelled fresh straw. On one side was placed pigs, and we Lido F. was in the opposite corner. Moved the car. Heart caught like I was scared of something, and then his thoughts flew from somewhere far away, as if in some fictional tale. Well, it was not. I miss the views footplate blast, which zahuv and rozletivsya of iron in tap wheel tracks. I listened to this stukotu that song has become like in my head. I sang his mind on his own, because loved to sing when my heart felt even a little joy.
Jihaly we long to Moscow. Then go, then stand. It used to pull us back, then forward again. On the fourth day prymuzykalysya.
Three months I lived in Moscow. You can pretty much write as I lived there, but this is probably only interesting to me. And my the children do not need it, can. But still so like to see the grandchildren and great-grandchildren read my memories.
Simple rural svynarochku slim lead in a big hotel on the fourth floor in the room where my bed shown. Three young lady looked at me with respect.
"Here you, svynarochko, live. Take this girl and respect!
I remained sitting on the bed, not knowing where to start. They were Russian citizen, and I - Ukrainian. I understand them, and they often perepytuvaly my words are not understood. I took offense, and they laughed to tears. What I was against them poor! Sorochechka cloth, embroidered below waist petticoat brudnenka and pitiable. I wept quietly to no one heard. But they have heard.
On day one of them gave me their plattyachko and led in the shower wash. Then go to the squash and bought everything new, because I was money. I became a city girl.
Arose early and ran to the exhibition to wash their piglets. How many different delegations arrived in Moscow for the exhibition. Visited to look at the pigs. Once Dzhevaharlal and Nehru with his daughter Indyroyu visited. He was old in his hand a stick with ivory, said. The daughter was very beautiful. Wrapped in pink cloth, which she is very fit. In my memory left it all till now.
I was very pleased. Saw Lenin and Stalin in the mausoleum. Went to museums. Some also mentioned now.
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:31 | Message # 14
Free Artist
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Here I am again in his native village, near ridnenkyh my sisters and brother with his mother and father. From Moscow came stocky girl. Seventy-three kilograms. All-clad, pretty.
On the farm I had not gone. Although, saying: "It works. In the second year the exhibition will go on the bull. " I refused. Follow the father's and mother's will in the collective farm. As I was trudnenko make provision burrow in the ground. Do not stand on a job, but it did. There, behind the people with its row, will help a little, draw near. Seventy hundred and forty hundred potato beet, corn and even forty. But that's not all. Every day at work. And work is not wanting.
Often remembers his life in Moscow. It was briefly, but filled with all good for me. In Moscow and could marry. But he was ashhabadets and I did not like. And to him, perhaps too, because his aunt said that he wants to take my wife wants to steal. I was hiding from him and run away, as I see.
And here's my sports life polynulo, dyvuyuchy me something brand new for me. Day - at work, and the evening comes - you want to walk with girlfriend. Sing and dance to the accordion, which roztyahuvav all seven Laden. But the long walk I did not have. I climbed the guys like chain pozryvalysya. Each of love and friendship. I loved the single, because I really liked Mytya with whom I have derived little. And when she went to Moscow, he went to second. In return, I refused to meet with him while he was in my soul.
And so one evening prychepyvsya to me, a guy whose name was Peter. I listened to him and said they did not agree with him to make friends. But he asked for a long time to agree, but I denied everything, then annoyed and said: "Go away, that I no longer saw you! Not moroch my head! "Well, it was said not to like him, he was opinionated. Running for two weeks. I honyla it, and then was to flee. He dohanyav or first stood at the gate. I took evil. I say: "I do not like you!" He himself: "I love you! You go for me, because none of the guys buy that! I wear you on their hands, only pohodsya marry me! "It was every night.
And then one night when we went home with girlfriend, he caught up, grabbed me by the hand, saying: "Wait for matchmakers!
I cry: "No! Do not Bring! Do not go! "
"I've talked with your father, he agreed. He said to come from Swat.
"Do not come, I beg you! I Think "- I thought that go with verbovkoyu not to marry him, unloved. Throughout the evening, he tortured me, so I agreed. It went both angry.
Two days later we sat supper - mom, dad and we Vaneyu. When I hear zaskrypila hvirtochka. I looked back and saw - two men enter and Peter. In one handy bundle of bread. I have a shout. A mother asked: "Which of you, Katya?" I did the head and say: "Do not go for it! Do not go! "They have entered into the house. I went to the table by the window and stood between Paul and the bed. I looked to the neighbor in the yard, with large tears, seeing nothing. They pryvitalysya father was happy, as if he knew it long. A mother podyvlyayetsya then matchmakers and Peter, the father, because she did not know.
Seemed that the father was already aware of these, about a two days meeting was with Peter and had a fun conversation ... that found the groom with a big request to pay for his daughter. I do not think if his daughter wants a groom, or want to marry him. And maybe kill your flowers, which bloom only become and understand the life and joy in life and in ourselves, so prynadyla guys. Quietly, quiet, hardworking and beautiful bad girl.
I'd pick a guy to fall in love with life, which would really liked after moment. To me it is envy. And behold, as had!
Occurred a black cloud and overshadowed my joy and my dream away their wind on the wide field and on the beach! Not true what I thought, and rejoiced herself. Everything flew by forests and mountains. Yes, perhaps God is my judge - a little joy! Do not come back, perhaps my molodenki years that I have not natishylasya. Do not find ways, as in the sad songs:

Oh, turn again, my summer to my guests!
Not return, zabarymos, not know the road!

So say my thoughts once I live without love.
All this snuvalosya in my mind when I was standing near the window and kotyla their bitter tears, which you can not show either mom or dad to me through strange people. Vyterla sleeve nyschechkom eyes and returned to the matchmakers, who were invited Peter to come and ask me to be his wife. Steel ask and ask and I disagreed. Mom ran to Olya and Galya, for seeing that something is not for me - this is probably the father wanted to pay.
All came even dyadyna came as the Lord called them. All were persuading me that I agreed. Olga was the only one under me, and all the other glorified Peter that he is a good guy, good work and adroit: "And you vpyrayeshsya! Rizh bread and good will, we will walk the wedding! He is really on how you want it to be compassionate. " Only sister Olga came to the father, movyla quietly: "Daddy, do not repeat their mistakes again, you once made to me that given by John. And so I also do not like him. I lived with him only two weeks and left. For it is not loved as Katya. She went out with tears, telling me: "Do not go. You live with it thou shalt not. "
I looked at her father and something I was not alone, because he loved me, and I - it. He stands and says: "Go, take long, because then no one can take. And you are eighteen, and I had a son. All perehlyanulysya. "Rizh bread! - Said neighbor - Everything will be fine. Accustomed. For more Peter and his father beat. I cut the bread with the dictates of his father, and he told me was so tight that even hand bumped as if I cut all my life. Dripping tears of pain - not from joy. Flowing down on the cheeks, like leaves on Rosinki barvinku or Vishenki.
Here is my first marriage was loveless for. In the evening the family went to see the young and requests garnish. Posadovyly us vpari, and more on housing, according to tradition. He was happy, but I could also look at it. I have been thinking one thing - "Where you come to my head young! Povecheryaly, I have not looked weary and were divorced. I Released from the table, not saying anything to anyone, and waited, when all come out to me to rest from such a fuss. Peter did not leave in a hurry and I had to tell him: "Go, then you stand?" It would take me by the hand, but I am not allowed even said that palaver with him I will not to go home because I am tired. Gee, my groom, saying: "Be Healthy!"
I was on hanochku, lean head to the column and zalylasya tears against the moon, if I want to tell him his great grief. I always loved looking at the moon, rejoicing him. And it pours out his pain, remembering their years to live, which was still not enough.

Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:33 | Message # 15
Free Artist
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And zhadavsya a dream that day nasnyvsya. Released I Planting equipment to the shore and stand. I see up in the air from the sun is a girl with two black strips is in the hands of two dry pears. There is a just for me. "You dyvy" - surprised me. Going up, gives a pear with one hand. I refuse to not take. But it tknula. And then the second lender. I refused, but took, because she said: "You want do not want, and take". And where it happened, I have not seen. I told dyadyni dream that I loved, and she said: "Wait matchmakers to the side from where the girl was. I zatrusylo. Dream materialize.
And then decided to go into the house, which did not even want to go. When I entered, mom and dad sat on the bench and said something. When I entered, the potyhly. They were wrong because they knew that I did not want him. This night was long for me. Many peredumalosya total.
On the second day ran Olya ranenko and when hear that I had slept, quietly told parents: "Do not live it with him. He did not pair. Why are you forced to go for it? This blame you, Dad. " But the father said: "Let him go. And now the hunter and who knows how to be continued. Have live online, and they have thirty. Your mate "- and went out. I heard it again and nakotylysya tears: "Thirty, Dad, not eighteen!" I got up and quietly vdyahlas, umylasya solonenkyh tears from my eyes and stopped in the middle of the table where we sat yesterday with Peter: "I will go podyvlyus or jacket is? "Yes, he was lying, he had to lie to the time when povinchani come to church and sit on it. "No, this is not" - I said herself - "I will not go for it!" Caught jacket and threw the scourge of Peel.
Here mother came into the house and saw the jacket, flat on the floor.
"Why are you cast him?
"I will not go for it! I do not like or a bit of him.
"Oh, my baby pitiable! But what will now be? But you zasvatana.
"What will be so" - and left the house. .
Hear all the people on marriage. All neighbors Guly as bees in ulyku. Hear and Malashka neighbor who often called me nevistochkoyu always said to Oli: "Kate is our, we all love her and we love it. We do it does not give. Olya met, she asked if these rumors are true. Olga said that the truth - the father pays, and Kate does not want him.
"This will not be! We go naperebiy if Kate would agree.
"Well, I say about Basil.
After work I wanted to go home and heard Olya: "Halt, I want you to say something" and told us thinking, sitting.
Vasil like a good guy, but he did not zalycjavsja me.
"Do not worry. I very well know he is good guy, hard working. And his whole family before you wanted. Always talked about it, even in humans.
I thought, and thought something vsmihnulosya my heart, and I poveselishalo movyla: "As it wants, it will go."
"Well, wait for the evening. In the evening it turns out!
I even waited and ran Varochka here to go to the mall. We went out into the street and go. I see - Jack is just for us. What will happen? Zabylosya heart zdumalasya conversation with Oleyu. Indeed, come to us, he took me by the hand and said: "I want to talk with you, Katya. And you, Varochko, go to dances. How to remain together, I asked: "What can be said to zasvatanoyu girl?"
"Yes, I agree with you. But I can not agree with what you have done. As you agreed to go for it after such a quarrel with him? But you each evening honyla it! I heard it himself and not himself. What are you pokvapylasya? It probably gives you a father. So, if I like you, then follow me. You podobajeshsja I have since childhood. It has long been thought pidstupytysya to you, and it looked when you grow up a bit, because I am older than you for five years. When you have done so, I forced you to ask if you agree to follow me? "It was a pleasure to listen to him, I said:" I agree ". Frost went on my body when he squeezed my hand, and the second assumed.
"Good, then go to your parents ziznayemos. Who is in you home? "
"Mom and Dad."
Going, I reminisced Olya not trusted me, it's true, although Jack was walking beside me, holding mitsnenko hand.
"And you Peter are not afraid of that going on his misfire?
"No, if only you had agreed. Venturing out, for tomorrow will be too late. "
"OK, I'll go with you!"
"Well, well! We love each other! "
When we came to us, the father was not in the house, and mother removed from the oven borsch to eat. Once, I once told my mother: "Mom, I led the groom himself, he will be my. In the mother with hands down the pot, well that prypichok, she laid hands on his head, wept and prykazuvaty: "Oh, that is our sin that you say, Katya? My child, shamenysya!
"I am, Mom, tell the truth. By Peter will not go. The best - go for Basil!
Became a father. Hearing my words, and even saw Basil, he spolotniv. Sat at the table and silent, just watching. Then vydohnuv themselves as great pain and said: "If you go to Basil, they go, but forever. Home thee I never will. I you do not prefer him.
"I never get back. I am very guilty and I will tolerate it. "
Jack boldly said: "Do not come and I come from Swat. We combine the Lord Himself, if you disagree. C'mon, Katya, to the court.
We came out and said that I had not walked for half an hour it will be with matchmakers. Went double-quick, and I was left waiting again matchmakers with bread. At this point my mentioning how he attacked my heels. And it was so. I'm quirky girlfriend to walk and we were not alone. And there was Jack. My finger was a ring that I made the most of fifteen cents. Sitting at the table, seeing him and he took me by the hand, like to look at it. I have not noticed how he took it and threw it at Peel, in the potato. I am angry and asked: "Why have you done?" I felt sorry for her and it is noticed.
"Not angry - he said -" I'll buy zolotenke.
"You wretch - you turned.
More than I had been with him almost interacted. Now, maybe the Lord Himself wanted us to combine our lives.
In the evening Peter was not. I went somewhere.
You have entered the house. Have started to read a prayer that I bad intended. Peter will rage. How much will reproach of men ... My father was silent, sitting on a bench near the table.
That's coming. Again two matchmakers and Jack. Also with the bread in the scarf. Shawl was peretkana Scarlet Thread and was pleased to see the bag, which hid newly-baked bread. I had to cut the bread and, like Peter. You have entered the house, sat on a bench near the father, Vasily while standing. Swati know what came woo zasvatanu girl, and asked if she agrees to take the conversation to the plight of the husband, whom they led. Then one said to me: "Katya, we have heard that you are engaged with resentment, he brought you here the best can it be you like. I will be confounded and movyla: "Ask my parents.
They returned to his father.
"You live and you think".
Mom also said so. I really liked it and I said: "Yes, I choose Basil and go for it!" Matchmaker summed me bread, which lay among the table and asked cut. I solved the scarf and quickly cut the bread. It was soft and fragrant and gently rozrizavsya, gladly. Jack was glad he came to me and hugged. Then, satisfied, said: "Thank you, Mom, and you, Dad. I feel sorry for and protect your daughter. "
Mom rushed to prepare dinner, and Vasya sent by his mother. Mohorychovu table prepared for dinner. Sister came back. Olga was very pleased, but the GAL, however, hnivalasya. Like what it is on one street. All three will be neighbors, even people zaklyanut. Are we the best on the street.
That's Jack with his mother. Entering the house, vasyleva mother immediately embraced me and pryhornula my head busy with themselves, kissed and cried, whether with joy or with sadness. She was crying and said that they loved me as his child. When I came to them with Oleyu, they were happy and I discussed that I will own. "So thank God that you agreed to be our! But soon the big discussion between people around the village, but fear not. Somehow survive. To be overcome with patience. "
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:35 | Message # 16
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We sat down with Vaseyu on pidislanyy mother shell. I went from one side of the table, and Jack - on the other. It's so velila mother. And we go along, where Jack lead. I was satisfied. Jack, too. Today, everything is good, and tomorrow will be judged by all the village together with Peter. Sudylasya me such a fate! Do both works of God - bless my life all the villages. Fortunately this? But perhaps unfortunately? Probably so required. My mom says it too. "What is God so I gave to my three girls svatalo two brides? Miracle and enough! Is my daughter all the more beautiful? "- Lyshechkom thought Mom -" People say Kulyna knows something. Olin girlfriend and Galina more walking and Vasylovyh on rozhvat zahrebly.
After supper were divorced in their homes. Brought me Vassily, taking her hand from the table and embraced, not shame anyone. Another said: "Do not be afraid of anyone and do not hear anything. We will be happy! "I went to matchmakers to thank them for marriage. Then came to me, kissed and said: "no-go, zasterezhy themselves from Peter. I'm with you, darling! "So.
On the second day came Peter already knew everything. I was not home, I was at his uncle. Mom told me. "Oh, Katya, what grief you have done. He came drunk immediately asked where you are. I told him - I do not know. "
"I'll kill her, as I shall find" - a peek in the oven.
"No need, kill kill. She is not guilty. You will then prison. How it umovlyala you, that you went away from it. And you and myself did not believe that this can not marry. And now ... "
He was crying. "Dizhdusya and I thank her for the sram inflicted. I do not give it Vasil! Do not give "Yes, and fell asleep crying. Woke up at dawn and went with great threats to the house.
My mother wailed throughout the house: "Oh, my daughter, my! If you had heard everything he said, the MoD would have gone for it. And may be, and lived well, because he loves you healthy and will not forgive you this shame. What we are going to do? How hulyatyme your wedding with Basil? "
"Mom, what will and will. Well, I do not like and go for Basil, even without marriage. "
I have not gone walk and was always locked in the house. Shirt embroidered with a crown, which also rises in me lies. Peter came only once and never was. Four days I was nowhere and Basil did not come. Probably would not meet with Peter.
Saturday Dance Club near and I went to hanochok. Club was across the street and I could hear the accordion. Jack came in on Saturday. A drink garnish on Wednesday. Sunday Varochka gone and said that Jack led Nadyu home. Me upside - as he dared! Well, I think that I do now, what to do? Where do I get to pick and where to no one I saw and I am nobody. I reflected, why he did so? Why have made such talk in the village of themselves and me? May be I went to Petra, but without such a shame. No, he will not do. I do not believe this. He will come, I know. It must be so, maybe a little quiet to Peter.
I was incorporated into the house and lay down quietly, not to be heard. From Rozryta soul, I plunged into a dream upcoming. And it was my dream from that. Released from my yard into the street, and where a road has water up to the court nowadays. I was a bit of a miracle and saw: a guy swimming in the bucket and the second blank lead. I stopped and took me laugh. "He is stupid floats in a bucket" - said aloud that he had heard. "And you enviable, this is the sit down strike together and see how good swim. I thought and decided to accede to his request. Sila I in the bucket, he took me by the hand mitsnenko and we sailed it up and up. This is formed like a trough and we are on it then ascend even higher. Des took the thick forest on both sides. I woke up.
Woke, I zdumala that it was Basil, and it flowed out of the house. This son calmed me and I was waiting for him. He did not go the whole week. In my mind these days is sitting in the house to, sometimes not beat Peter. One was in my salvation - I am a girl no one has occupied and have their dignity. My mother also suffered with his father.
And then one day the father asked: "Where is your fiance is not there? Maybe rozdumavsya? "I went frost on the body and turned into tears of bitterness of soul. I said: "Come.", And most left the house and went to the garden path with a great nuisance. Described on their favorite flowery shore. Having reached, I sighed deeply the beauty that I so loved in childhood. Came to a spring pohlyupala Vodice, which ohornula my eyes. And remember, once Posylala mother wash us this water to be beautiful and happy. I went with the sisters. But where are teye happiness where it is wandering? again enveloped me sad. Vmylasya the old tradition and returned home.
When arrived, Mom was already at work. "Zamykaysya" - movyla and I noticed that she was crying. I closed the door lock and entered the house. Sila embroidered shirt under a crown. During lunch and pohmarylo zadoschylo. Vanya - at school, I - alone. I can hear someone knocking on the door quietly. I zakolotylo heart. Quietly went to the porch and fell to the shaker through which you can see who's there. There was Basil. I opened silently and angrily. He was to hold me and apologize, that did not come. This for me was great fun, but I was asking, why not come may - mind. "No, I never mind! You will be my only one ever! I you do not lie, I love you. And do not come, then so it is necessary to avoid unnecessary scandal. Peter was always on guard. "
And now stood in the house two molodenkyh eyes and tied his future love. Maybe not so and believed that they could united two hearts in one single dovhiyi years of marriage. And we at this time when I write, lived forty-three years.
I can not describe and our wedding, which was designated the second Sunday after the marriage. Friday vbraly me in Ukrainian outfit and I went with friend of taskmasters and in a neighboring village Budysche call dad friends to the wedding. On Saturday called all relatives in the village and neighbors to come to the wedding.
But on Sunday came to the crown. We vinchav not very old father, very friendly. After the wedding we went to me, where we met with bread and salt Dad and Mom. Bless and posadovyly table.
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Poobidavshy and dividing the loaf, have to collect the young to the young. They gave us the hand icon and my mom zhytechka sypnula in hand to myself and I obsypala Vasya and he said at the table "to life with God."
But when we went to the house in the yard saw the fuss. The guys who to me lypnuly were to ask my dad zavorotchynu for me. There was Peter of moments. Dad brought them letters of alcohol. As though he knew that this would be prepared for it. He gave it to somebody, and he pokushtuvav and said jokingly: "It is - water. Dad took offense and said: "Do not lie!" Nearby stood Vasin neighbor and asked for his taste. Dad, not thinking, took a bottle and gave it to him. And he swallowed a solid, then zahlynuvsya and threw a bottle at Peter evil. She smashed his head and he went to the blood. Cried out, wipe and tie, and the boyars not hayaly time and removed the gates of the castle, who locked the boys, and brought us into the street.
Nick we silently. I do not know that Basil thought, and I was upset and Zhalilo Peter. Described and thought: "How can you not fortunate through your stubbornness, and maybe even love me. What I would say that away from me. That's probably the Lord for it and punished. Why did you come today? "
Nick we silently and quickly. Keep it close. Vasylevoho came to court. At us there already waiting. Burning fires burning in the gates wide dissolved. In this light we moved, saying: "Let him burn your enemies and disagreement! And so you were happy and healthy! To live in a happy and your fathers! "Once the court has to have Basil and wept bitterly. Then quiet, obsypala us ZHito, perehrestyla bread with salt on our lives and led into a small tisnenkoyi huts. Posadovyly us at the table and I obsiyala themselves and Vasya ZHito so that gave me my mother, saying: "Let us happiness from this Mother of rye and desire!
Rozhulyalysya people rozveselylysya table. What was, was to remain outside the gate and fireplace. We sat with Vaseyu, pobravshys hands, and waited for something new and better.
Poobidavshy, shared loaf and brought us to the table. I withdrew from the wreath, rozplely braid and twist into kupochku, saying: "Behold me, Katya, you demoiselle, and Basil - young lady!" And linked platochkom. I had not demoiselle, but agreed.
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I bowed to them all nyzen'ko Vasin and kissed my mother and grandmother, who had me very excited. Since then I called my mother mom Vasin.
It was wedding day.
On the second day of wedding came to visit my girlfriend, bring lunch.
Jack came out and we worship together and invited all to the house. Posnidavshy gathered my girlfriend went home. I thanked them for providyny.
I did not stand and cry. What I was not free, I will not be with them singing and dancing. Do not be near me to go and invite the boys to dance.
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Started my life in a foreign non-free until the family. However, in a beautiful small, hardworking simeytsi. I became accustomed to Vaasa, often ashamed of it. But he did not shame my mother and grandmother, pryhortav me, kissing on cheeks. Kate, sister Vaasa, not living at home, she lived in Chelyabinsk.
Constant I go to work in the link. Some people were good to me, and some angry with envy. I quickly did not linuvalasya. For all the work I loved my mother and grandmother, I always deserved praise. Arose with the mother, although she always said: "Lie still." But I was uncomfortable undead. Bad housing. But it was good that my mother was extremely jealous. There was no one to talk to a guy. It will prove that he loves me, but you can not forget. And I made a great insult and I start to cry from this. It wanted to meet with the couple and with children - these are friends. At the street never went. Sitting at home, because even Peter was afraid that something bad is decided.
It used to be a holiday, as there is no work for the sad childhood. It wanted to go to my bank and see the flowers and dispel their sadness in them, listen to the song zhayvoronochka that often vyspivuvav above me pretty kettle. Schemylo my heart, but not saying anything to anyone. It nyschechkom crying somewhere in the corner that nobody saw.
Father Vasin was gone. He was killed in the war. Therefore, Vaasa had to be boss. And I have no time to indulge in the afternoon. And the night did too, because a small hut and slept all the next. Poobiymayemos mitsnenko under a blanket and lie down in silence. But Jack falls asleep faster, but I still confused in mind my teenage years, which will never return.
Since my grandmother lived for two years. Then she became sick and died. I was very grateful to her and loved her too. And she - me. I remember how before the very death, I heard that she quietly told my mother: "Melashko, Katya spared. It nevistochka gold, pratsovyte baby. So zaplyuschylysya her eyes and her mother began to cry aloud. I also cried from her warm words and the loss of her.
Funeral and grandmother were to live three. My mom was more concerned for his daughter. It was not yet married. Often prepared nyschechkom parcels and money were sent. But we always worked Vaseyu to sweat. Children I had, because of hard work have been frequent breakdown. Only in the fourth year born daughter Olga.
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In 1959 was for me very happy, although very heavy. We built a house and I went Oleyu. Mom went to Kati, Vasylevoyi sister who married and gave birth Andreyko in Chelyabinsk. Ravished by a nanny to his mother, and we stayed together. I did not want my mother was traveling to Chelyabinsk, because afraid that without me it will be difficult and again ... But the failure of native daughter - not daughter. What I did not ask - she left. We just built a new house because the old was too small. But it was nipochim hut, and her daughter was with child. But you, as you want and live in the unfinished house. Zazhurylasya I do nothing - you need to stand firm with all kinds of difficulties. I wanted to give birth to a daughter, exactly - daughter-lyubochku. I would sterpila all, I would only give birth to their joy.
It has been covered and a house, set-ups. I was seven months. Go was difficult, but necessary to dig the potatoes and cook food carpenters. In the fourth hour of the morning rose, to do everything slowly - acquire, feed and wash. Even animals were then poporaty. And Jack near my house as the owner was, because it was replaced by anyone. All one. Worked very hard. 40 hundred garden was. All people are jealous of us - molodenkym and hardworking.
Oh, my lovely little children! I write, and not everything because I do not want to write, because "to whom it is needed - you say. And I would like you to read, as your mother lived and dad.
Imagine how ryshtovkah climb on the bucket of clay and plaster on the eighth month of pregnancy. Or, dig potatoes and carry on their shoulders in the cellar, which also made themselves together. But God helped me in all difficulties. Everything made, posushyly, pobilyly and removed. Steel wait for the child, which is wanted.
And wait! December 18th I gave birth to daughter, nearly four kilograms. What is it in us happiness, that joy reigns Vaseyu us for the fourth year of our common life. We do not know where to put it to was her featherbed and dobrenko. It was put on the stove, and they look at who it will be like. It spovyvayu and commands: "Be pretty and rozumnenka, beautiful and happy, my long-awaited, my joy and gladness. She called herself in three denochky. I dream, like I have it at home and it is small, running about the house. Steel to ask her name. She said: "Ola". I wanted to call Any, but agreed with her, was not a challenge. Let there be Olga. As Kiev princess, that I read the novel "Vladimir". Something I then podumalos that she will live in Kiev. It happened. But it then.
We wrote Melashtsi grandmother and she happily came to us with a granddaughter, who was then only eight months, ninth, and Oli the whole month. It was to have two children, two yanholyatok. Pozhyly little bit and I became pregnant again. But suffer me again failed. I gave birth to a boy eight months and he died. Suffered from depression and sadness pain Rozryta soul. Nothing I did not zaspokoyuvalo. Painful cry my heart sing every day in the hospital and came home like. Jack zhuryvsya also for synochkom. Mom said something: "It may, I have an enemy that happen." Ravished granddaughter and returned to Chelyabinsk. Maybe because it was necessary, because I am born again Sergiyko without it. In 1963, February 22, we found Sergiyko. Dear our synochok, and only kryvenkyy, his legs and zazhuryly us greatly. Likarka calmed me, so I do not zhurylasya - everything will be fine. I do not believe it and went to Kyiv in Orthopedic Institute. There I also refreshed. They say, this happens often. And the cure. Not Calmed down, I came in to Kozelets Favsta Fedorovich. He looked and laughed, I cry: "Do not weep, he will be where the guy though. But the army does not take a flat foot. Take daily baths and zamotuyte bandages, vyvertayuchy p'yatochky in the other direction. My little children, that it was Mother's pain - look at the legs and whip them every day. But I suffered and asked God to help me become. In three years I have noticed that my synochok walk. Our labor with the help of a Vaseyu faster vyrivnyatysya heel and sonny was walking. And in seven years walked without shoes kryvyvshy. We give thanks to God, and they rejoiced sympathetic boy.
When Sergiyko born, we have ushered in Chelyabinsk. Mom came back with Andreyko. Olga was three years Andriiko to four, and Sergiyko - two months. Three of these children were designed for all of us. Grow. Andryushi for seven years gone. Olga was my pomichnychka and Sergiyko - toptunchyk grandfather Stephen Vasylevoho uncle, he is with him druzhyv.
Andryushi already in school should be. Mom says: "will take, but most come to you. Left, and could not come. Do not let her daughter. "Grow the army, and then drive home" - well said. Every summer they came to us to rest.
Our kids grow up themselves. It was, I'm going to work, prepare them yistochky, put in large nochvy who hung on for their verovtsi idling and say: "Do not go anywhere, my little. Stay home and eat hoydaytesya. I will prybizhu. "We are at home." - Says Olga. And I go, she used to flee to the girlfriend, and grandfather Sergiyko to send. Come - the food is. Or moth. Well, I do not know who - hen or seal. And they used to poyidaly.
Olya six years was hazyayechka. Zillyachka Narva in the garden, potatoes chavunky us in and slop dishes. Often hanyala husochok on dirt. We were proud of her, and neighbors envy us, what we have baby fine.
Hard life was sports. A house built, the barn collapsed. Re-building, again concerns.
Quirky Олечка in first class and Sergiyko - even throw it! None who leave. In the nursery did not go because they were rare. Well, that was Stephen's grandfather, the little guard. It is that Grandpa went to the cattle barn poporaty and Sergiyko zaschebnuv and it does not produce. Santa asks, and a small laugh. It was him for four years. Was the old, until I opened it.
Trudnenko was us trudnenko and the children without our care. My parents do not help me, because they had their two girls, bratoviyi. Jack worked on the tractor almost around the clock. I krutylasya the housework, the garden and even two kids. There was a cow, pigs, geese, chickens. Now no one would believe such a hectic former.
How come the relatives of Vasiliy Kozelets and surprised our lives and offered to move to Kozelets. It will be easier. No you do not want to father, and I was on. Dovhenko hesitated, then decided - will go!
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