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Этот сайт был создан с целью донести до людей картины моего брата.
Мой брат человек замкнутый и не вписывается в понятие "среднестатистического" члена общества - причина тому Чернобыль (год рождения брата 1986) ...
Traditional Art | Transitions: 650 | Added by: Виталий | Date: 15.02.2010

Art-gallery, Landscape Russia's, still life, genre, old Russia's, graphics, free online art gallery of russian artist.
Traditional Art | Transitions: 379 | Added by: Valery Veselovsky | Date: 28.03.2009

The Personal site of the artist - a man of letters YUriya Cyganova, working and created new style painting with non-standard, philosophical and religious underlying theme.
Traditional Art | Transitions: 470 | Added by: Exyder | Date: 14.03.2009

Using a Varnishing Brush
Considering varnishing is one of the final things you do to a painting, and probably only to those you think worthwhile, isn't it worth a small investment to ensure it's done properly?
Traditional Art | Transitions: 639 | Added by: zerow | Date: 04.03.2009

Paint Talk - Professional Painting Contractors Forum
Traditional Art | Transitions: 1267 | Added by: paintt | Date: 04.03.2009

Dick Blick's first catalog originated in 1911 in the form of a small pamphlet issued by its two founding partners, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blick. The warehouse was located in their kitchen and shipping was done through the local post office. Their first product was a lettering pen, which quickly became a best seller.
Traditional Art | Transitions: 440 | Added by: Darkbrush | Date: 04.03.2009

Информация художнику для творчества и создания картин, начиная от технологии масляной живописи и заканчивая информацией о художественных стилях и жанрах.
Traditional Art | Transitions: 713 | Added by: Exyder | Date: 25.02.2009

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