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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Girl FROM ZOZULIA
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:47 | Message # 1
Free Artist
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Once, long ago once lived a man and a woman and had children. So one evening when supper sat, took rozmovonku that God commanded them - to give any child.
"For what sins he dealt with us?" - Asked a woman in a man.
"I do not know -" said the man - and I supposedly committed, and you - do not know. "
I also loved God from the heart. So we are not sinners! "
"It pomolimosya today in the holy night together, he can spare.
Povecheryaly, extinguish the lamp and began to pray and ask God to give chuzhenku though, if only people knew that not rebuked. Nichka years and prayed so hard and that it tears Kotylysja both. The woman stood knelt at the table, and a man near the door, little prochynyvshy door to better hear the Lord and mercy to them. Prayer, lay asleep.
Ranenko morning, just risen sun, girl woke up, heard the cuckoo cuckoo, who sat on vyshentsi and Kuvala. "What is she so ranenko rozkuvalasya? Hrycju and posluhayno zozulku whether it prychuvayetsya me? "Grits listened. Indeed kuye and holosnenko well as causing them to come out. "I will go and podyvlyus it - where it sits there and kuye and that she wants" - put on coat and left shoulder.
He opened the porch door and saw that hanochku is spovyta child, which shines and the sun warms it, and it rests and sleeps. Grits couched in a child and did not believe him that this is a child for them. Forgot even the cuckoo. Took nizhnenko hands, looked around, or did no one, carried into the house: "Luba and behold, we nakuvala cuckoo!"
Drive the standing up out of bed and saw the Grits with a child in her arms.
"Oh God, oh my ridnenkyy! Give me, I poderzhu. Give me, I want poderzhaty!
"On, poderzhy, but not long, but let me - as I found it!"
"Yes, yes. You. But mom, I will, I should nurse more!
They almost zmyrylasya when I again heard the cuckoo cuckoo.
"Wake up, Hanyu, cuckoo kuye again, it might still have a child there - and ran full tilt at the yard, but there was nothing and cuckoo silenced. "Where do you sit, cuckoo? Where are you? And that kuyesh - for good or for evil? "- Grits and thought went into the house. See, a woman and child rozmotala likes. "Look, my dear, that pretty girl in us there. Oh, that means from the heart to pray to God! "
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:48 | Message # 2
Free Artist
Posts: 40
Status: Offline
Very happy to be a man and woman a small child, little girl, which in no case be called. Grits says - Katrusya, and drive the said - "Tatiana". But as it is called - is trudnenko overcome one another. Decided to carry the priest to baptize. And let the name will drive the nice catch chicken zamotala loaf, even a piece of good bacon, shouted godfather neighbor and neighbor Kuma took and went.
"Dub? How to name your daughter? "- Asked the father.
"Simple, papa, we are not called, and want you to have called our Angel."
"Okay, okay" - and a flip through the book - "Ah, Christ, Yavdoha, Kulyna, Mokryna, drive the" - more zamovknuv, looked at the big bag and all, and smiled - "Let Catherine. Beautiful, clean, clever and even wise Holy! "
"Let" - movyly man and woman.
Brought home organ, and put on polyku myluyutsya - which is pretty. "But God forbid it to fate and good happy to horechka never knew. Because I heard among the people: that fate since childhood, and so to the last. All of us will be good, my little!
Growing Katerynka minutes, take pride in it and drive the Grits, pet us like a flower. True, and taught to work. Became all the people wonder and beauty of her work. He say that diligent and intelligent, popalasya not empty hands.
It has been fifteen years already. Steel zadyvlyatysya guys on it. Grits and drive the worry and are not far away. But only to the court about fun - and the house. "Look, take it back and we ourselves will - drive the said. A girl'd walk between girls and boys. Even a little grown, and has seventeen approached. Rushed to her boys svatatysya and Katerynka also was afraid, she will live without mom and dad, and all denied boyfriend.
Still a bit overgrown and become more beautiful. It became even more fans. "What shall I do? - She asked herself - God knows which one belongs to me, my destiny? "Though dream nasnyvsya. - Thought Katerynka, lyahayuchy sleep. This is also a dream come. Sees sitting on vyshentsi cuckoo gray, and was forged. Katerynka hear it as properly kuye gray. "But it can ask a bride to give yourself? And well, try "thought and said:" Cuckoo, cuckoo, tell me pravdonku with whom the husband to marry? Q You and I rahuvatymu. Kuye gray, and Katerynka counting. It has been twelve times prokuvala. Pomahala was appeased and wings. Fly. "Indeed they have been nine, but I must have three dizhdaty.
Told his dream matintsi and gracious and laughed. "Do not laugh, my daughter! Zozulya pravdonku said. Maybe it is you beauty and happiness were awarded. Well, well, we expect "- and stopped, then said nothing.
Then one evening, a good fellow, but not like it. Do not steam. On the second day came eleventh. Neither he refused.
But on the third night the house became a miracle man - chornobrovyy, tidy, good condition, very young. Bowed to the ground and said: "My Katrusyu you do not bounce!" I looked at her with their hazel eyes, who embraced it as heat. Katerynka faint from a bride and nyzen'ko bowed, agreed to marry him: "OK. I am the mother, poberusya with him. "
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:48 | Message # 3
Free Artist
Posts: 40
Status: Offline
This evening was a joyful and long. All were happy bride. Covered table and called neighbors, who baptized organ. Rejoiced and were happy that such a handsome man appeared. A groom thanked their parents, grown daughter so hardworking and singing - so sings Katerynka like cuckoo kuye and beauty to very good.
At departure, he said: "Wait, Katrusyu, I arrive to you with all prychtom. "Well" - she agreed. Took the parting hand and put her engagement ring, movyvshy: "It was so obvious that you are betrothed. Look, leave that to you more nobody zalycjavsja "" But what is your name? "- She asked. "But I Ivanko called, then I'm glad." Well, Yvanku, I expect no one will love and treat. Bid farewell to his father and went out: "For me not go, I'll come back." So had to do. Not off, to return soon.
It has been a week, seven days dovhenkyh for organ and Yvanka all there. Zazhurylasya dwindle and become its beauty. Steel worry her parents. On the twelfth day of vyshentsi zakuvala cuckoo. Hear that mother - cuckoo kuye. It is something probably vischuye. Indeed kuye. It will be something. Maybe Ivanko come. Became clean and dress at home and in the evening and Katrusya naryadylasya. Naryadzhena pretty flower and you do not say bad words. Sun behind the clouds roll in nichka. Dies all the birds fell silent, ready to sleep. Katerynka spovyta sitting in waiting and watching in the window. See Cherry sat on the cuckoo and was beat. "Oh, cuckoo, my mother - vyrvalosya in the mouth organ - if you could come to my house, I would advice you. You are my joy, you are my prophetess, I already know it. You kuyesh pravdonku I am very happy for you. Zozulen'ka zamahala wings and flew. "That's too bad, Fly, not willing to talk with me" - thought Katerynka.
When the hearing until someone opens the door, the house is a woman with viburnum twigs. Katrusya ran up to her eyes, and then returned to the table, took a loaf and presented to her. "Nate, take, my mother, I will give it hlibets God, eat and let it strengthens you." Took in hand hlibets woman and gave Kateryntsi viburnum twigs, "It is you, my baby, for happiness, for the fate and health. Thee, my child, bless the destiny of a strong and happy life. " I left the house.
Reflected in her words zaplutalas Katerynka, but rejoiced. All she probably spoke truly. The mother and she told her. "Zhinochtsi believe this, believe this matintsi. It sadhu. Organ fell and cried as her dear heard that it takes it from her. Nothing more is said and went to her husband to tell him this. When they heard it, he said: "Do not worry, my Hanyu. Katerynka us never forget. Come and talk to her from the heart. Tell all, she's an adult and let them know everything about themselves and about us.
Just enter the house, even rozmovonky not start until they hear the horses clatter and ring bell. What is it? Katerynka ran and fell to the window. Near her mother and father were watching. "Oh, what a horse chariot. I've never seen this "- said his father - see, it comes with Yvanko gold dress, and behind him Druzhki and boyars. But he is also a friend. See "From the second chariot came a Yvankova, another old girl and two girls, who brought a beautiful dress. And after the little girl bore a crown, which merehtily Ziron'ka perelyvalysya and different colors. "Oh mother, oh gracious! What do I do? I will not want to leave, but I ... "- and silenced. Tears Kotylysja one on one with happiness and joy of a bride, sent from God.
In the house first went boyars, asking: "Do let go?"
"Allowing" - said the father.
"And let the groom to enter?
"Factory" - said loudly Katerynka.
"Do let the house go to the bride and mother and little sister svitylochtsi which ariseth you Katrusyu, the star in the crown for your dolenky, happy and long life?"
"Allow" - and embarked on the caper, put forth their hands to welcome everyone.
Ivanko he came to her, took the handles and lifted, pryhornuvshy to themselves and potsiluvavshy: My cuckoo, Nadine, I give it all to you and make you my wife! "
Lifted sister outfit, who put on the bride and she was white hoist with black eyebrows. Presented svitylochka wreath and put on the head organ. "Zahorilasya Ziron'ka, sow to Katrusya horechka not know" - said svitylochka.
Bless the young and have Yvanka.
"And I felt blessed" - said the second woman so blessed bread, which gave Katerynka zhinochtsi who came to her. "It probably cuckoo - is you?" - Thought Katerynka.
"And now, bless you, my good people. Thank you for your organ, you vypestyly, brought up and return it to me! "
When they heard it and drive the Grits, you almost fell. But it took a towel, putting bread and salt on it and from the heart perehrestyly young bread and salt, even ZHito obsiyaly life for good.
Vidhulyaly wedding. And walked it day and night. Posadovyly ranenko organ in the chariot and drove all just lay down dust lane.
Still Grits and drive the same again. Became sad and bored, which again they have no children. Ravished cuckoo us grown her infant, her daughter, drop a little, spovytoyu allocated to the early sun.
But it was only thought in Ghana and Grits. A pravdonka was so. Before his departure, came to their mother with Ivanko and said: "Do not worry! We will be with you always together. You will entertain our children, and their granddaughter, who is not one and not two, and more. However the same organ? "- And embraced his bride, mitsnenko potsiluvavshy.
Grits and drive the not stay alone, and they became big and friendly family.
WawCypeMype Date: Thursday, 17.12.2009, 06:07 | Message # 4

This is such a extraordinary web.

I will tell my friends about it.

diabkoxp22 Date: Friday, 25.12.2009, 19:22 | Message # 5

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Plassewailm Date: Sunday, 10.01.2010, 16:20 | Message # 6

I would like too take some time out thank the posters for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.
acaipowleet Date: Saturday, 16.01.2010, 13:47 | Message # 7

What do you guys think about the upcoming 2012?

Planet X Nibiru, if really exists and approaching, can be a big threat to the earth and its people.
Michel de Nostredame predicted some kind of huge space collision that will occur around year 2000.
Will the comet or asteroid really fall in the aegean sea (Greece) and huge tsunami will hit the mount Olympus (2917 metres high).
If he is right and mayans as well, it looks like the end of the world is really close.

I think something is going on alrdy... so many earthquakes in the last year, h1n1,irak....

What do you guys think? Should we worry?

diabkoxp77 Date: Monday, 18.01.2010, 02:56 | Message # 8

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nicScooriewed Date: Wednesday, 20.01.2010, 12:22 | Message # 9

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diabkoxp54 Date: Monday, 01.02.2010, 18:39 | Message # 10

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