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Forum » Art Discussion » Traditional Art » Painting with Bitumen - reactive oxides?
Painting with Bitumen - reactive oxides?
lisa Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:04 | Message # 1

Hi Guys

I have come across a few sources now of people using bitumen as a paint medium.

I know being oil based I can use turps with it to get different reactions (as well as clean up obviously) but someone mentioned in passing that there are some oxides which react to the bitumen that create some really cool effects.

Supposedly I should be able to get them from Bunnings but the person couldn't remember the name of them? Does any one have any ideas on what they could be talking about?? I have tried google with no luck

Guest Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:04 | Message # 2


I'm a student. At the end of the first year of painting we were given the choice of a texture project or doing a baroque master. I chose the master.

But I have notes given to us by the teacher and dug them out. I don't have anything on oxides and bitumen, (although I remember seeing it drizzled into shellac while both are 'wet', I haven't got around to trying it. And dropping pva into it gives a nice effect, it separates in the mix. Needs good ventilation and to lay flat for days, maybe longer. One of my classmates tried it at home but she said it wasn't very successful as it was taking too long to dry. So try a small tester in case it doesn't work!)

There is also a mention of bitumen as a stain with a texture made of sand & glue if you want that. Some of my current classmates have experimented with it but I think they've used it like a paint.

Coriola Date: Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 20:05 | Message # 3

Just found some notes I scribbled while my teacher was demonstrating the shellac and bitumen technique.

"Have the shellac very liquidy (is that a word?)(the shellac was poured on first)
Put bitumen in while shellac is quite runny (from memory he dipped a stick or similar in the bitumen so it ran off in a thin stream like runny honey)
They will resist one another (bitumen is turps based, shellac is metho based)
Can also put enamel (silver or gold) on as well.
Can put a colour underneath.
Can also drizzle PVA. Glue separates from shellac"

laisk Date: Sunday, 21.02.2010, 16:54 | Message # 4
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Forum » Art Discussion » Traditional Art » Painting with Bitumen - reactive oxides?
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