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Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Tale: WANT to have Dad!
Tale: WANT to have Dad!
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:50 | Message # 1
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Lived two boys, two related friendship comrades. "How to" - often told people about them. Both were fun smiyunchyky. It was, as will meet, only to hear them in the yard or Mykolky Vasylko. Here and now, to hear them.
"I'm first!" - Shouts Mykolka.
"No, I do" - makes a great pressure Vasilko and as Rooster, skippingly turns before Mykolkoyu.
"No, I do! I "- cried aloud, even with evil despite Vasylko, Mykolka.
It they want to walk in Horodok, then someone needs to beat tsurku first.
"What have you there pomyryly? - Asked Dad Vasylko heard their strife - not just a fight - and approached them.
"But nothing - said Vasilko.
"Everything is okay, but we can not decide who first beat tsurku.
"Well. So let us, I'll help you!
"Let's. We agree!
"On, Take, Mykolko, this pole in his hand, and you, Vasil, and take him to the end of this chereduytesya dryuchka. Whose hand is extreme - and he first hit "
"That's great dad thought" - he smiled and Vasilko, pidstrybuyuchy - agree Mykolko?
"I admit" - but was still of great envy that Vasylko a good dad. Not that it - scoundrel, always drunk and clumsy. I turned bitter tears in his eyes.
"Eryngium what you like crying! - Asked Dad Vasylko I offended you? "
"I do not cry. It is envy that you are good, but my dad does not even like you "- and zalyvsya tears, covering his face handles.
"Do not cry, my little" - and took his hands, pryhortayuchy to his chest and zhaliyuchy as paternal hand on the head patlatenkiy nestryzheniy - better come along, I will take some off, eh Vasylko pidstryh yesterday. "
Mykolka looking for Vasilkov head, agreed with great joy. Dad Vasylko Mykolku sank to the ground, saying: "Let's us!" And they all went. Boys holding hands and were satisfied.
"Cut, Daddy, its so not recognized his father when he sees!
Megem Date: Sunday, 01.11.2009, 16:50 | Message # 2
Free Artist
Posts: 40
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"Try to please Eryngium, not his Daddy."
Posadovyvshy on taburetochku nakynuvshy and white towels on children's shoulders, Vasilkov Dad take a thick black hair, which sypalosya shoulders and even sypalosya down.
"That's done! Go Look in the mirror, which you pretty! "
"Thank you, Dad" - and again, like tears of joy that he dohodyly Vasilko with his father.
"It's nice to have a Daddy - Mykolka said - and as always sorry for the soul as seen drunk in obkachanoho bahnyutsi ridnenkoho his father, who was looking with great offense and regret. But also fear that is here to fight with my mother and me when perepadet because I жалію mother and become its protection. I really want to have a dad that would be me and holubyv synochkom called, not ublyudkom. Uncle Vanyu! So I would like to, you helped me, that I had such a good dad you. Can it pererodyty at best, temperance? Help me! I love him, but hard to love evil and foolish, always drunk, dirty and smelly! I ask you, so you have punished, postrashyly or asked. Maybe he listens to you. Perhaps shame comes to his mind. And if he does not listen to you, then I abandon it, and you will call their friends father. Because I also want to have a good ridnesenkoho Daddy to nestle in his breast and mitsnenko lukewarm embrace, saying: "Father, my ridnenkyy that you are lukewarm and good, I love you, love more and all will love to death. I want a father to me all jealous, I envy cornflower.
"" Father, my dear! Pererodys on this that I want and want all the kids. I love you more than all "- as requested sonny came home, happy strangers daddy.
Mitsnenko dared embrace, and daddy silently embraced him and kissed tonsured head. Like obdumav his guilt before synochkom.
"Ridnenkyy" Father, I love you "- with joy said sonny.
Forum » Literature Forum » Literature & Poems » Tale: WANT to have Dad!
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